Alternative four pairs!East Chuan 28 + 8 + 8 + 8 turnover, miserable suffering from the sun reverse 4 consecutive victories

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Alternative four pairs!East Chuan 28 + 8 + 8 + 8 turnover, miserable suffering from the sun reverse 4 consecutive victories

2022-01-21 12:09:11 35 ℃

On January 21, the NBA regular season ended a strong dialogue, and the alone was not enemy, and the opponent was reversed, stopped 4 consecutive victories, the first sun in the western part was 5 consecutive victories. This game East Chickens expressed his eyes, he cut 28 points 8 rebounds 8 assists and 1 steal, and there were 8 mistakes.

The first quarter of the East Chicchi is not very good. He has left 7 minutes and 40 seconds, and the Eastern Chickens will be thrown into Bark. Subsequently, Echoci continuously assists Clebs and Bolzizi. Breakthrough in a penalty, East Chickens. After a short break, the Eastern Chicchi returned to the game. He passed the free throw and three points, and he won 5 points in a short period of time.

In the second quarter, East Chickens helps Hadawi three-pointers, then his high throws will send Bolzizi Dunction. The connection between East Chicgens and Polic Jesi is very tacit, and the latter is still three-point. Faced with Bridges' defense, Eastern Chicchi directly assists the empty Cleek buckle. East Chickens were fouled by Book, Bak was still dissatisfied with technical foul, so Buck directly tried. Dongchi Qi picks Kameron - Johnson, he directly throws up, quite robust. In the end, there is 2.6 seconds, Dong Chickens seizes the serve of Claude, then calmly shot three-pointer, the first half ends the East Chiqi 19 points 4 rebounds 5 assists, leading the team leads 8 points.

In the third quarter, East Chickens were wrapped in hand, and his pass helped Poelizi Jis. Faced with Bak's defense, the Eastern Chicchi hook score. East Chicchi advances and Clenette, the latter is buckle. Dong Chickens is 2 + 1, and the foul is still Brichys. Subsequently, there are many mistakes in the East Chicgens, and it is also made by the sun. Dong Chicchi caused a foul of Kameron - Johnson, but unfortunately two penalties were lost. At the end of the three sections, the monators were still 8 points.

At the end of the end, there is still 7 minutes and 24 seconds, and the East Chickens is on the field. The sun is a wave of 9-0 to achieve anti-super, the key moments choose to come to him, and he is thrown. When it is more 2 + 1 than Yongbo, it is 2 points for the sun, and the Eastern Chicchi immediately caused a foul and 3 points. Helpless is that the exclusive man does not limit the opposition of the opponent, and the shots are also fell, and the Hadarwell's seats will not enter, and the exclusive man is reversed by the sun.

It can be seen that today's performance is still very nice, facing Bick and Brices's defense always has a lot of score and assists. East Chicge also has a half-break and transistive three-point ball, quite amazing. Of course, the mistake is also required to control the Eastern Chickens, and you also need to pay attention.