King Cup - Azarga kills the Iso broke the door 10 people Real Madrid 2-1 reverse Elchet promoted

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King Cup - Azarga kills the Iso broke the door 10 people Real Madrid 2-1 reverse Elchet promoted

2022-01-21 12:09:32 35 ℃

Live Bar January 21st, Beijing time, January 21, 2:00, the Spanish King Cup is the final of Elche's home to the Competition of the Real Madrid, the first half of the Karelse is close to the middle, the second half is Israted in the second half Both the bits, both sides have no construction trees, Elche 0-0 Real Madrid enters the overtime. At the first half of the time, Maselo was punished by direct red, Belu Jiangong, the second half of the time, the second half of the Iso, and Azar took the empty door. In the end, Real Madrid 2-1 Elche.

In front of this game, Elchezi League was ranked as 15, while Real Madrid Lala League 49-pin League 1st. In terms of lineup, Elchers, Lucas Perez, Real Madrid Massalo, Jovic's first.

With the main referee whistle, the first half of the game officially started, the 10th minute, Elche counterattack opportunities, Marcelo resisted mistakes, Lucas Perez took the leader to the right way to the defensive player The Kariko in front of the bottom pass is played on the beam. ↓

In the 12th minute, Kamova's arc of the Zone restricted area was a feet. ↓

In the 20th minute, Elche Celephalia chance Kari slightly, the headball of the original land is biased. Subsequently, Basquegs left the road to Middle Road, the latter, and it was unable to be confiscated by the door. ↓

In the 26th minute, Mochka left into the penalty area, Kaari, the high, the head ball, was thrown out by Lu Ning. ↓

In the 38th minute, Virgus Zuo Zuo took the ball, a dragon broke through the door, the door, a few steps, playing. ↓

In the 40th minute, Maselo and Vibeton had a cooperation, the latter arrived in the penalty area to the top of the Camova, the gate, was confiscated by the door. In the 43rd minute, Mascelo left passed a person to the penalty area to give the front of the latter, and the top of the arc of Basque is a little later. ↓

In the first half, I didn't make up, Elche 0-0 Real Madrid.

The second half is prone to fight again, in the 47th minute, Maselo left in the penalty area, and then the Yivach foot pad was shorter. In the 57th minute, Mascelo left the ball after holding the ball, take a few steps. ↓

In the 65th minute, Ercho replacement, Molunte replaced Fernandes. In the 70th minute, Real Madrid replaced, Kassemulo, Moderich to replace Kamova, Balvend. ↓

In the 77th minute, Basquegus on the top of the triangle back to the road in the top of the road, Kassemo, and the long shot was thrown out. ↓

Subsequently, Cross is dissatisfied with the referee to be dissatisfied with a yellow card warning. Finally, Isso is under the contract, Millia, Lubas Perez.

In the 82nd minute, Real Madrid's premiere coordinated with Modrich Middle Road to Mascello's latter heel to give the left Viechus small angle to do the door to be confiscated. ↓

In the 85th minute, Milia and Casteiro disputes were shown in a yellow card. Then John was replaced by Bell Du.

In the second half, I added 3 minutes, Elche 's 0-0 Real Madrid.

At the first half of the time, Azar, Sevora, replaced Rodrigo, Cross. In the 94th minute, Araba was defeated on the edge of the restricted area, and Milia was presented to a yellow card warning, Elche's nice positioning ball. Following the Gongbawu positioning ball directly to be grateful by Lu Ning. Then Callands were exchanged by Flag.

In the 97th minute, Elcheon's backfield mistake, the resumes of the left side of the resolved area were slightly biased. ↓

In the 102nd minute, Erche counterattacks the opportunity, Morrete's frontcourt was taken by Maselo, and the referee showed the red card directly to Maselo. ↓

In the 103rd minute, Elche walked! Beldu is the frontcourt ball that is blocked by the wall and then followed into the rejection to the Swashs' sly deformed and bounce into the goal. Elche 1-0 Real Madrid. ↓

In the first half of the time, 1 minute, Erche 1-0 Real Madrid.

In the next half of the time, the 108th minute, Real Madrid slaves all the scores! Kassemoro is banned from the left side of the Zevovora, the Pass of the I Spvant, and the door is played in, and Erche 1-1 Real Madrid. ↓

In the 115th minute, Real Madrid exceeded score! Alabazuo accurately went to the front field of Azar, Azar, will take the empty door. Real Madrid 2-1 Elche. ↓

Subsequently, Viczuras replaced by Di Di.

In the 120th minute, Elche's right traffic was transferred to the penalty area, and Fedel did not look at the small angle. Subsequently, the referee whispered the Basquegist's penalty for a penalty. ↓

Following the fourth yellowness of Milia to be punished. ↓

In the second half of the time, I fill in 1 minute, and the final Real Madrid 2-1 reversed Erche.

Real Madrid started: 13-Lu Ning, 17-Basque, 4-Alba, 6-Nacho, 12-Marcelo, 8-Cross (90'19- Sevoras), 15-Barve (70'14-Kassei), 25-Carma Wencar (75'10-Modrich), 16-Jovic (80'22-Iso), 20-Viño (117 ' 23-Men Di), 21-Rodrigo (90'7-Azar)

Substitute does not appear: 40 - Fuidias, 45-Diego, 18-Bell, 34-Gira

Elcheon 1: 25 - Axler - Vernner, 4-Gonzalez, 14-Shaberda, 22-Mojika, 8-Gudi, 7-Carrill (95'34-EphLaga), 12-Lucas-Perez (80'10-Millia), 16-Fedel, 17-John (65'11-Morrain), 2-Glad, 27-JohnWankevo (5-Beldu) Substitute did not appear: 13-Badia, 9-Bowa, 27-Cales, 28-Andrew, 29-Diego-Bray, 30-Bono, 31-Parmas