Detailed!Warriors will not trade big transactions?The full lineup is only a ring, the only disadvantage is only waiting for one person.

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Detailed!Warriors will not trade big transactions?The full lineup is only a ring, the only disadvantage is only waiting for one person.

2022-01-21 12:12:52 52 ℃

Quiet for a long time, the Warriors chase Turner's idea has been turned out. Well the reason is simple, the Warriors lost the ball recently, most of them inside because the input and output points before losing the game, the Warriors look for some big deal to reinforce the inside, and that the mid-Warriors this season will there be a big move it?

Of course, if you could hold Qiao Sa Warriors in exchange for single Jokic, that impress people, but the truth is, the Warriors trade bad move! From the staff point of view, spray Brothers Grimm + This is definitely not moving the players, of course, if you take the letter brother James + + + En Bide Durant to change the words, maybe the Warriors can agree! This trio does not move, the rest of the players how to say?

First Porter, Payton basically not moving, maybe is the best substitute, but also the most stable squad bench! Andre Iguodala is to retirement, it will not move, brother brother do to stop Cole had bullet, he is a warrior! In addition, the rest of the players who have slowly up. First mouth brother, in theory, the Warriors are not able to enchant what Turner Wiggins as a bargaining chip, Sabonis, this season, the Warriors can come to this stage we can not say the mouth brother and nothing to do, at least with Wiggins the presence of the Warriors coaching staff can not worry about the height and strength of the three position. Of course, if you Nadulante hard to change that grapefruit sister impress, no change is a fool.

Rooney then, diligent, Warriors considered "workhorse" of the players, and the contract value be absolute quality player, not a last resort warriors still want to keep Rooney playing rotation, even if it is a ten minutes the most critical is that he and Curry, tactical coordination between the Green is a tacit understanding, Tim head even find the transaction will not be Rooney. Bench inside, Poole speak is in fact the possibility of being traded is not large, he took what contract? Two hundred million and so worth it, even if the future is not to say the Warriors and renew Poole, Poole this season but is at least not to go, as the team's sixth man, impact Poole is an integral part of the Warriors even in the library can not play the game Poole can replace him, this is very critical.

The rest is Anderson, Bjelica and Qiao Sa a. The three men left the Warriors not saying that we have to, but the three men who come up to replace it? In other Turner? There is no completely impossible, it is only up to three players as Tim head and opposite transaction may not agree. This trio Anderson also has some trade value, the other two had little real value of the transaction. The final step is the three young players: Ku Mingjia, Moody's and the Prince! Ku Mingjia hit this were a no-brainer, Warriors blind boxes were demolished half of the transaction will not just go out at this time. And although the Prince of last season struggled, but the Warriors offseason spent a considerable price of a great effort and Gifted, which have not seen the results on the transaction, it is basically unlikely.

And only that leaving a moody, or 14 players overall, the value of the transaction is not so big, we need to match some chips! Warriors this season, whether the transaction is in fact not dependent on the current lineup and play, or to see more of this Green Point! Obviously this season with the Warriors is an indisputable foundation of the championship, and the next Warriors to consider is the Green's injury problems. If Green's injury is very optimistic, and that 99% of the Warriors will not move now this lineup. If Green's injury situation is not optimistic, that the Warriors might have a go of the idea, go to a powerful insider trading, of course, the core of the chips will be three young players, and yet Ku Mingjia Wiseman Warriors should leave one of them.

So Green's injury is the key, since it has been the Warriors played out one of the best records in the league, it is necessary to look at the impact the championship, Green can return 100% punctuality, the Warriors do not need any transaction! (Of course, these are grapefruit sister made it up! I Yong brother really bring change Turner's mouth, then, that Paul missing.)