3.4 points in the field, but let Guangdong's balls are blooming!2 caps +4 three points, another person is activated by Du Feng?

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3.4 points in the field, but let Guangdong's balls are blooming!2 caps +4 three points, another person is activated by Du Feng?

2022-01-21 12:11:25 46 ℃

In the past, Zhao Jinyang played, live broadcast, most of them were "soft", "vegetables".

Now, look at him playing, but the weather is turned into the "futuristic period", "Who said I can't do it."

This year is only 20 years old, and it can only get 3.4 points in this season;

How to do it in a short term, from the beginning of the suspect, to today's Guangdong fan can see him can be happy?

Du Feng, the first time.

I have also "black" over Zhao Jinyang. After all, when he is actually a soft state.

Take the ball, don't dare to cast, defense all kinds of devil and be eaten, the strength looks completely not the CBA League.

But now you let me spray, I can't spray it.

The reason why it is can't be can't be sprayed, not because it is tired, no strength.

And because Zhao Jinyang's progress is too big, he is convinced.

It can even be said that the second phase hit the present, he brought a surprise to Guangdong fans, it may only be second to Xu Jie.

On January 15th, he met Guangzhou, this strongly downgrade, Zhao Jinyang was rare to get 31 minutes.

After being trusted, he also voluntarily, the audience 6 shot 4, three of the ball 4 3, cut a new high of the new season, with 4 rebounds, 1 steals, 2 covered data, performance is very all-round .

On January 18th, Zhao Jinyang was delegated for 10 minutes, and the offensive end three points 1 1, the audience got 3 points 1 assists.

Defensive end, he has three fouls, but after the end, Du Feng did not yell him, but he took the palm.


Because Zhao Jinyang is well prevention, this is also the main reason why he has been reused continuously.

At the beginning, the Guangdong team tried to cultivate Zhao Jinyang into a ball player, but unfortunately failed.

When the latter is on the game, it is either mistaken or hesitated, and it is disappointed.

After discovering that Zhao Jinyang became the road to the play, Du Feng made a head coach, and immediately changed another idea.

He is adjusted to 3D for the use of small sheep, requiring it to be responsible for defensive and vacant shooting, and fast attack counterattack.

This variation, the horse has grateful.

Zhao Jinyang has a high speed, hits Fujian, even if the face is not to suffer, the last two games, he invests 4 points, and also sends two blocks.

After contributing the wonderful defense, Du Feng's attitude towards him, it is also boasted, so we can see that now the little sheep, there is no longer afraid of shrinking, but show more More confidence.

Thousands of miles and Bole, probably so much.

If Zhao Jinyang has been maintaining the current stability, Guangdong does not need Wang Saicai ...