The Net is renewed to Harten, or the trading of Owen?Nash's results depends on whether the three giants are healthy

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The Net is renewed to Harten, or the trading of Owen?Nash's results depends on whether the three giants are healthy

2022-01-21 12:11:03 35 ℃

The Net is renewed to Harten, or the trading of Owen? Nash's results depends on whether the three giants are healthy

The basket is really very mysterious: the problem of domestic fans can see, the US fans can't see? If the US fans also look, the Durant This coffee can you see? Durant saw, what is the biggest problem of Nash? Even if Nash can give him a comfortable area, but what is more important than the championship? Now, Harden has not stand this situation. Durant still does not want to do any changes? Every game is 40 minutes, there is no hope, and Durant is only interested in scoring kings?

Nash ghost unpredictable troops, the team did not all know that I woken up tomorrow, who would be the first. Wordful class is suspended. Usually, it is time to start, and it is paused. At the time of falling, it is waiting for the other party to call, and then add an optional European god. In fact, from the first team, I decided to win the championship, the inability of the line, the weak, the defense did not system, attack and tactics, coach the rookie, and the ibewe. And there is the largest cancer of Nash basketball team. A round of playback of the next game.

The three giants are not able to succeed, and now the Nets will not take the championship at all the three people. Ou Wen, the desire to win, too selfish, remember basketball is a team of five people, you can't do it, let alone, you can't do it. Besides, he has a championship, and finally Durant, the ability is not to say, it is clear than two or the entire league, it is unseained, very simple guy, but unfortunately, The heart of the champion has changed. Harden, they all become like this, what can I, mix, my heart wants me to have a honor, but unfortunately a championship, but last season is an example, I don't want to repeat the same mistakes.

When I last season in Owen, I didn't have no reason. I didn't ask for a holiday. The results of management and coaches at all, this season is sharp, what did you explain? Not every professional player consciously, Owen encounters such a team to be a perfect match, poor Adu, Adu, with injuries, is tired

Can change the end of the epidemic prevention and control over Owen or the end of the epidemic! Which team is willing to accept a group without injuries and can't play a player, Owen can be changed to Simmons, Wall, and cannot play the ball, or have been abandoned by the team. Factors outside the court, only talking about Owen playing is really excellent, and the position of the defender is still the top five!

Harden is affirmed next season, he can't see the championship in the Net. He will not accompany the hustle and hopped game without winning the game. If there is something wrong, it is good, don't fight an epidemic prevention needle, the home is not playing, it is your own business, others can't control. But I can't help me hide, far from you. Let Durant's fools will play with you.

For Harden, this time he also needs to weigh the weak and cons., It is now renewal or waited until tomorrow, and now the benefits of renewal are the burden, he can renew $ 161 billion in 3 years. Contract, plus 47.37 million in the 22-23 season, a total of 208 million US dollars in 4 years, and the disadvantages are less money. However, like Harden like Harden, there is no more than 20 million, and the champion is more than this. It is very simple to make you 60 million. NBA is given to you 40 million. Which one? You have been going to NBA business value, which is also much more than this championship than this more than 200 million.

Even if the Net will not make up the transaction, it will not be able to rush out of the eastern part, because Nash feels easy to use, 82 regular seasons, and his venue will make more than forty minutes until it is used as a small hurt to become more hurt, name the ironman Harden, in the Rockets eight years, there is no shortcomings in the past 20, in the basket network a half season, the small injuries are constantly, the big injuries have repeatedly have a few times, and the waith of a season is overdooted. Nets stayed in Nash, is equal to I have buried a timed bomb.

Although the three giants are not much, the two giants + a bunch of ordinary lineups! The overall strength is also the existence of the first gear of the league, and most competition coaches have a dog to win. The most critical nor is nothing more than, there is no core tactical system, basically rely on personal abilities. Of course, personal abilities are part of tactics, but for the injury of Adu to return to players, do you have so much time to really reasonably? This is not, hurt! Second, the out of control of locker room management. Owen's question does not say, Griffin and Haden can also fight last season, this season is completely falling. Griffin was once abandoned, Harden always adjusted bad, even all the stars did not enter. There is also the most critical point, defense. Nash is really no defensive arrangement. Reliable against the stars are opposite to the defense. This kind of performance can only give a bad review!