Harvey Desperate Night!Barcelona 10 will fall again, the jersey cover + directly crying into tears

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Harvey Desperate Night!Barcelona 10 will fall again, the jersey cover + directly crying into tears

2022-01-21 12:10:22 40 ℃

Beijing time January 21, 4:00, the Spanish King Cup 1/8 final, Barcelona and Bilbao play for 120 minutes, and finally 2-3 drums 8. More than the bureau is, Barcelona has a big New Star Pendee and Fati, especially the latter, crying directly on the court.

As we all know, Barcelona won the 31 King Cup championship, the most successful team of the event, even more than La Liga and the Champions League champion. Therefore, many fans are tuneful to Barcelona is the king of the King Cup.

But this game 2-3, let Barcelona will create a number of embarrassment records. First of all, Barcelona's first stopped the 16th of the King Cup since 2010, in 12 years, at least 8 laws have broken.

Second, Barcelona has been hit in the last 8 days, first 2-3 lost enemies, no western super cup final, now in the King Cup to go to the government early. If you count the previous Maradona Cup, Harvey took the team to kick 3 champions in 37 days.

Third, Barcelona lost in the King Cup, but also traced back to the finals in 2011. At that time, C Luo hit to win, helping Real Madrid to win the champion.

At this point, the Barcelona history quits the Champions League and the King Cup for the first time, and the Laracle of the King's Cup was 17 points in the Lara Lead, and it was basically lost. At present, Barcelona is theoretically in theory, it can be struggling, but the additional match has to be able to pass the Na Jun Naples, four major empty is also in front of him.

Harvey witnessed 4 big embarrassment, but there is more desperate thing, that is, Pedri and Fati have been hurt. Especially Fati, he only came out before 9 days, and the result was in two games.

The game was conducted in the 95th minute, Fati suddenly stopped running and screwing people to the field. Subsequently, Fati has been covered with a jersey, and Harvey is busy on the scene. Harvey will not be able to change the tragedy.

In November 2020, Fati knee was seriously injured. He has three movement, and finally removes the half-month board. However, in this season, Fati has encountered three injuries, knees and muscle rounds. According to Western Media, Fatti was injured, at least two months.

In the past, Fatti was also honored to have a super genius, with a value of one degree reached 90 million euros. But the injury became the stumbling block of his advancement, many Barcelona fans said that Fatti is basically impossible to reach the height of Lao Luo and Messi, Barcelona 10 is probably hurting Zhong Yong.