What level is the level of the coming of the art of the gods?

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What level is the level of the coming of the art of the gods?

2022-01-21 18:04:02 34 ℃

Owen immortal race, everyone knows. Nets Owen Owen and no, it is simply two teams. Superposition between giants, is never simple 1 + 1> 2. Why do you say that? With Owen because after Harden became more threatening. Before we can safely double-team, now need to pass in advance to prevent Harden Owen, a tactical formation. This is Owen value in the Nets, even if he does not attack, only one side, can not be ignored is a threat to score points. Some people may see here will ask Owen to the team threat, mostly from their own offensive, which is the score. But after all these years, Owen did not seem to get through a scoring. Owen scores level, in active duty superstar inside, what sort of grades do?

In fact, Owen did not get scoring is understandable, because his team is not a pure player with a core of individual combat mode. Early in Owen Knight is the first core, but Owen is not mature at this stage, the ability to score is still relatively weak, there is no way to enter the ranks of the scoring. After the return of James, Owen slowly grow up. But we all know that as long as there is James's team, and he is the first core. So, although Owen has improved in the later stages of the Knights of usage, even the highest point of his career came to 30%, but his hand can get the score is not much authority. During this period, in fact, Owen also bear part of the task assists. The ball often need to go out, and not just in the hands of one person.

Why the same period a player can get the scoring it? Relatively simple because the team score points. For example, the Thunder parted ways after just three little, are each core team scoring points. Harden and Westbrook Needless to say, the two teams are to build the team around them. Three people fit, Durant is the first core, at this stage of the Warriors Curry also predominate. In this backdrop, Owen can not get scoring. Nets and later moved to Boston, when the team layout adjustment occurred.

Starting from the Celtic period, where there are Owen's team, basically equipped with a different core. So, although Owen can help the team win, but it can not always grasp the right score. There is also another way of saying, Owen is sustained injury history, so playing time and efficiency in the back must be strictly controlled. For these reasons, Owen in front of the season did not get scoring can understand. As for the future we can not get big probability is impossible.

But if you say enough capacity to Owen, just get in scoring, this argument no way be accepted. Owen is at this stage, the strongest players in the league skills ability, not one. According to the original plan, or in accordance with the general player development career inside, Owen in the final stages of the Knights, it should be their best hope to get the scoring period, and we analyzed earlier, Owen has become in this period a champion, a team. In front of the championship, scoring reimbursing the role and significance is not large. And for Owen, the championship is the goal of their own, personal honor is not important. This also led to the later years, Owen will only be provided at a critical time to support the team firepower, you can also be understood as, Owen now to enhance this thing personal honor, not so much interest.

That in itself attack Owen belongs to which level? Give you a few columns of data. Owen's free throw percentage was 90%, the investment hit rate is 50%, three-hit rate of 40%. 180 club players, they are not very familiar with? Yes, Curry, Nash, Durant, Middleton are in this category of players. Owen with these players the biggest difference is that Owen is a purely to attack the ball-based players. Played basketball friends know, with the ball as the main characteristics of the players, scoring efficiency is not as good without the ball players. Because poorer stability ball, not like without the ball less efficient. From this perspective, Owen in a way better than other players do the same location. I ask, how much to play the ball as the main players can do this? hardly.

Having a personal capacity Owen, we need to talk about the Nets need for Owen. It is said that there is no Owen in Brooklyn in fact, does not matter, because Owen itself with Durant and Harden have overlapping portions. This is only in a certain angle can hold water. Why do you say this? If you are crossing these three giants as a parallel relationship, it is certainly the case. All three were super scorer, somewhat illegal and together. In New Jersey, three people are not all the envisaged assignments.

First of all the first point, three men carry out their duties. Harden point outside containment as well as a transmitter of the organization, the team's brain. Owen is responsible for tearing the opponent's knife, with a role in this period like the Knights, while Durant is the face of death last harvest, usually the last critical moment to appear. With this division of roles to measure the Nets, then, the relationship between the functions of the teams and players of the value of the distribution is very clear.

The second point, single look at the attack, and Euro can bring more space to the team, which will drive the team's second echelon. It is undeniable that the Nets still have a lot of substitute players worthy of attention, such as rice god, such as Ade. Do these players have the ability? At this stage, they are also an important part of the team. Owen's breaking line capability can give these four-digit space with independent offensive ability, while providing assistance to external ambushing shooters. The space is something that all the teams need, and Euro Wen can provide maximum support. There is an Owen to take a 30-minute appearance time, Harden and Durant's pressure is smaller, and the game performance can also reach a new level. Therefore, this is the meaning of the three giants. Speaking of the Owen Tournament, one side is his mentality, with the championship, the world, indeed a bit, no matter what it means. Only for the ideals in your heart, if you didn't get the championship in that year, you may be diligent in this stage. On the other hand, Owen's ability is indeed prominent. I am sorry to find it in the alliance. I am sorry, I can't find it.