CBA version of Deng Ge!Gao Deng bombard 58 + 11 + 16 record, two battles 98 points, the team ended

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CBA version of Deng Ge!Gao Deng bombard 58 + 11 + 16 record, two battles 98 points, the team ended

2022-01-21 18:03:27 55 ℃

On January 21, the CBA regular season ended a focus war. Fujian men's basketball team defeated Qingdao to end the recent 4-game losing, and also ended the 3-game winning victory in Qingdao. The super foreign aid Gao Denden of the Fujian Men's Basketball Basketball is eye-catching. He has born 58 points and 11 rebounds 16 assists, with score and assists to create a new high season, the highest 54 points and 14 assists. The last high-tech cut 40 points, and the super foreign aid is 98 points in the last two games.

In the first half, Gao Deng bursts 34 points 6 rebounds 8 assists, he thrown, free throws and three-pool, especially in the face of two people defense, still can hit three points. Gao Deng's breakthrough is quite sharp, and the lag is against Li Yuanyu. It successfully made 2 + 1, and the drift jump shot was also a good job of Gao Deng. In addition to the unstoppable of the offensive end, Gao Deng's pass is also very exciting. It is said that it is the last one before the end of the second section. He sent a wonderful biography to help Zhang Yongpeng easily entered, quite exciting.

In the second half, the Fujian men's basketball team continued to achieve a lead under the leadership of Gao Dend, Gao Dendong continued his good play, broke through the 2 + 1, assists Chen Linjian into three-point ball, and the third section of Fujian leads 10 points. At the end of the Qingdao men's basketball team, Gao Deng continued to assisted Chen Linjian and Zhang Yongpeng, and individuals also showed strong. Be

After the conflict with Huang Yi Chao, Gao Deng passed the technical free throw, got 50 points, and also reached a 50+ three-pair. The gunpowder flavor of both sides is very large, and Gao Dengji will continue to expand the leading advantage, and finally the Fucheng men's basketball team successfully won.

It can be said that this game belongs to Gao Deng. He is also ridiculed by many fans. Just like Harden, there are many means of offensive end, whether it is personal breakthrough, three-pointer or passing the game, and lives on the offense of the Basketball Basketball in Fujian, and a person's performance can greatly drive the whole team.

On the current CBA scored list, Gao Deng has 40.3 points in the first, and the second place in Moore 29.4 is huge. Gao Deng is also the only player who broke through 30, 40 points this season. If there is no accident, his existence is a huge threat to every opponent.

This season's CBA, Gao Deng has replaced the previous Jones became a recognized big kill, looking forward to the performance of Gao Deng, strive to lead the Fujian men's basketball team to achieve good results.