Cold!Warriors fetched to the walker, Curry, Turi, 39 + 5 + 8, Clay 12 points

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Cold!Warriors fetched to the walker, Curry, Turi, 39 + 5 + 8, Clay 12 points

2022-01-21 18:02:51 36 ℃

January 21, NBA regular season ended a focus of war, Warriors home to 117-121 overtime loss to the Pacers, upset. The game Dream Green, Broken Gordon Turner, La Vale, Sabonis, who missed the two sides played very intense, most of the time in the first half, leading the Warriors tied the score in the third quarter was the Pacers, the first four fierce battle, Bi Taze two technical fouls were expelled, J- Huo Ledi dropped into a key three-pointers, Anderson lore, the game into overtime. Overtime, relying Sykes outbreak, successfully won the Pacers 10-0 victory.

Statistical data:

Walker: J- Le Di Huo plate 3 16 5 min promoter, Craig 12 off plate 7 plate 3, Bi Taze plate 9 5 13 points co, Duarte plate points 7 27 3 3 co-off, Lamb 14 minutes, 10 minutes Sykes, Jackson 15 minutes;

Warrior: Wiggins 11 points, 5 points 5 Ku Mingjia co plate 3, 13 points and 15 Looney co plate 3, plate 2 Clay 12 points, 39 points, 5 Curry plate 8 promoter, Payton 6 minutes, respectively Lee 8 and 6 and observation, LI 9 points;

Focus Lens:

Curry hit three-pointers quarter of the cost of breaking the record of the first 200 people, career library has nine times to reach this achievement.

Game review:

Section Curry scored the first goal assists Klein, Bi Taze hit three-pointers, and Ku Mingjia Looney scored five points, Wiggins hit a jumper, the Warriors 9-3 lead. Duarte scored away baseline jumper, Bi Taze labeled as 2 + 1, Curry dumped succeeded, Clay and Duarte against the cut points. Ku Mingjia made two free throws, J- Huo Ledi and Bi Taze narrow the gap to 1 point. Curry and J- Huo Ledi hit three-pointers, Kege two free throws, dunks Payton, Bi Taze tipped scored. Andre Iguodala made two free throws, Bjelica scored a hook, Stephenson made two free throws, dunks Iguodala air cutting, Li made two free throws, Isaiah - Jackson dunk, the first section of Harding Park Pacers 23-30 Warriors.

Section II, Curry dumped off, Lamb made two free throws, Bjelica and Isaiah - Jackson scored consecutive tipped. Bjelica and Damian - Lee dumped score, Stephenson scored a breakthrough, Bi Taze ball empty basket motivated, Ku Mingjia and Stephenson from the conflict, eat a technical foul. Curry hit three-pointers, Duane - Washington fired back, Looney made two free throws. Duane - Washington again in the third ball, Klein layup, Craig scored three points, Duarte layup. Curry and Duarte has labeled as 2 + 1, Looney consecutive dunks, Lamb made two free throws, Curry hit three-pointers. Chrysler cut empty motivated, Lamb hit the outside of Houweijinsi labeled as 2 + 1, the end of the first half, the Warriors lead the Pacers 63-55.

Section III, J- Huo Ledi and Duarte three-point shot, Craig layup to tie the game for the Pacers. Curry three-pointer to stop bleeding, Duarte pick the basket succeeded, J- Huo Ledi go-ahead three-pointer, cutting Looney empty dunks. Wiggins hit a jumper, two free throws Duarte tipped success of Hou Luni, Craig again in three-pointers, scored Curry dumped. Duarte and Curry made two free throws, Sykes hit the ball, Damien - Lee hit a jumper. Poole rod motivated, Isaiah Jackson - two free throws, Lee hit three-pointers, Lamb three-pointers, three of Harding Park, the Pacers 83-83 Warriors.

The fourth quarter, Curry hit three-pointers, Poole made two free throws, Isaiah Jackson - dumped succeeded. Bristol Seth two free throws, a layup scored Craig Curry alignment, Bjelica empty basket on points. Payton impact steals dunks, Sykes scored a jumper, Craig counterattack score, Payton Curry assists labeled as 2 + 1, Payton and Bi Taze conflict, Bi Taze two technical fouls were expelled Isaiah - Jackson made two free throws, go-ahead three-pointer Duarte, J- Huo Yue Di Bulan, the Pacers 11-2 to stop playing the Warriors. Curry hit three-pointers, hit a jumper Craig, Isaiah Jackson - dunks. Toscano - Anderson hit third vacancy, Curry scored a layup, to chase 106 level. Isaiah Jackson - two free throws, Curry made two free throws in a row in the go-ahead 3 points, J- Huo Ledi 5.1 seconds left hit three-pointers to tie the game into overtime.

Overtime, Anderson dunk, Wiggins hit three-pointers, Duarte scored four points, Bridget Seth two free throws to tie the game. Sykes hit three-pointers and scored a layup, Walker go-ahead 5 points, the Warriors 10-0 to stop playing. Wiggins scored a layup, Klein hit the ball out of bounds successfully challenged the Pacers, the Pacers finally succeeded in winning the victory.

The two teams starting lineup:

Pacers: Sykes, Duarte, J- Huo Ledi, Craig, Bi Taze;

Warriors: Curry, Clay, Wiggins, Ku Mingjia, Looney;