League Eight Disposal: Yuan Xinyi Wang Yuanyuan main force, Hu Mingyuan Zheng Yizhen attacks good Yang Jialing

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League Eight Disposal: Yuan Xinyi Wang Yuanyuan main force, Hu Mingyuan Zheng Yizhen attacks good Yang Jialing

2022-01-21 18:04:40 50 ℃

Today, I said the performance of the counterattack in the league. According to the various data after the league, the author lists the eight outstanding secondary data. It is Wang Yuanyuan, Yang Han Yu, Xiao Hu, Xiaoxin, Gao Yi, Liu Yu, Xue Yizhi, Yang Jia. It is also the eight bits of Tianjin, one of Jiangsu, one in Shanghai, two Liaoning, one of Shandong, one of Fujian, Zhejiang.

Yuan Xinyi

Schedule: Zheng 276, Hu 205, Yang 184, Wang 148, High 132, Liu 129, Xue 123, Jia 118.

Board split: Zheng 4.45, Hu 3.02, Yang 3.41, Wang 3.02, high 2.75, Liu 2.74, Xue 2.37, Jia 2.0

Offensive list: 59% of Yang, 54% from Hu, 53% high, 48% high, Xue 47%, Zheng 46%, Liu 40%, good data

Broad score: Wang 53, Hu 49, Yang 49, High 48, Liu 41, Jia 41, Zheng 41, Xue 23

Bench block: Wang 1.08, high 1.0, Yang 0.91, Liu 0.87, Hu 0.84, Jia 0.69, Zheng 0.66, Xue 0.54

Generation score: Zheng 22, Xue 17, Hu 16, Jia 13, Liu 10, Wang 6, Yang 4, high-end data

The bureau is serialized: Zheng 0.35, Xue 0.33, Hu 0.28, Jia 0.22, Liu 0.21, Wang 0.12, Yang did not data, high data

First explain, Yuan Apple is the second stage to start playing. In fact, she is full of this season, and now she is the first domestic first, so her data is not listed.

From this big data, the score ability is good or Zheng Yizhen and Hu Mingyuan Yang Han Yu, the success rate is high or Yang Han Yu and Wang Yuanyuan Hu Mingyuan, the internet is good or Wang Yuanyuan and Gao Yi Yang Han Yu, the serve is good or Zheng Yizhen and Xue Yizhi Hu Mingyuan. Considering the main business of the depth attack is the block, the secondary industry is the success rate of attack, followed by serve, once again, the ball is connected in series and the rearwent defense.

Wang Yuanyuan

These seven comprehensive ranking: Wang Yuanyuan first, Yang Han Yu Second, Hu Mingyuan third, Zheng Yizhen fourth, high intention! Liu Yue sixth, Xue Yi branch seventh, Yang Jia eighth

Therefore, the national team chooses to choose the candidate or no problem, Yuan Xinyi is the main force, Wang Yuanyuan's second deputy attack, the attack is not good, the block is still taken, and the most critical is that her little ball and adjustment is very good. These details can determine the fluency of the team. Wang Yuanyuan led a leader than Yang Han Yu, and Wang Han Yu is a candidate to cultivate Yan Ni. Hu Mingyuan and Zheng Yizhen are highly limited, can only become edge mission, highly intertwined, good luck, can enter the national team for a few minutes.

Yang Jia

Others can train, but they still need to work hard! The 16-year-old Yang Jia first played the league, and it could have such excellent performance. It is very good, and it is very powerful. I hope she will continue to work!