Curry 39 points plus season 4 0, the warrior does not eshers in the past

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Curry 39 points plus season 4 0, the warrior does not eshers in the past

2022-01-21 18:02:38 66 ℃

In today's regular season, the pedestrian passets 121-117 Lectra Warriors.

Pedestrians Today, Saibnis, Turner, Broggden and Lewer are missing. Krekuming and Vilins have scored, Warriors 9-3 open. Du Alte in the middle of Du Alte, the pedestrians narrowed the difference after continuous score, and the Court responded three points, but the pedestrians were also entered, and the pedestrians were 2 points behind the Pacade. At the end of the Idoda Festival, I bored two incorrect attacks, the warriors scored continuous, and finally the first quarter was 30-23.

The second section is alternately score, and the worship of Washington is only 4 points. Recall responds three points, but Washington also even three points; Kreig's top basket, but Crag three points; Curry and Du Alte are each brought into 2 + 1, and the final library has continuous score, half The Warriors continued to lead 63-55.

Easy-war, Justin and Du Alte three points, Curry responded to the three-fold after cloep Dudu Alte, Justin, three points, the walker one wave 13-3 anti-over 2 points. The Rooney continuous basket can respond, but Craig and Six are also three points. Li continued to win the lead, and the Lamphi was divided into Li San foul, three punishment, three sides were 83 flat.

In the fourth quarter, Lischer and Pedon score, the Warriors lead 5 points; the pedestrians have more flowers to play a wave 11-2 and more than 4 points! Thereafter, the two sides alternately score, the last two minutes Jackson Freeters 2 1, the pedestrians lead 1 point. After that, both sides were crazy to fight iron, and the last 34 seconds was brought back to the lead. After the pedestrians, the iron, but the last 6 seconds of Justin three-pointed, the pedestrians chased it! The pedestrian restriction library failed to catch the ball, Huanzhu was not in the basket, and the game entered the time.

Taxors replaces Kreth, Han and Igodara each score, the Warriors lead 5 points. Du Alte won 4 points, then Six scored 5 points, the pedestrians played a wave of 10-0 and more than 5 points. Virgo is airized on the basket, but Juan, Poole and Curry are flattened. The last 6 second warriors once again caused the ball to get the ball, but Iigdara passed the ball. In the last 2 second Llanfill 2 in 1, the difference in drawing to 4 points, the competition lost the suspense. The Curga Tournament 4 is 0.

Pacers: Du Alter 27 points 7 rebounds 3 steals, Justin Holledi 16 points, Cregg 12 points 7 rebounds 3 steals, than Taize 13 points 9 rebounds 5 assists, with Sai Jackon 15 points, Lamm 13 points, Roms 10 points.

Warrior: Curry 39 points 5 rebounds 8 assists, Rooney 13 points 15 rebounds 2 steals 5 mistakes, Kle 17 6, three points 7 0 get 12 points, Vilins 15 5 get 11 points, Poor 7 1 Get 5 points.