Wei Shao talks about the critical moment, it is considered to have no problem, netizen: He is installed

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Wei Shao talks about the critical moment, it is considered to have no problem, netizen: He is installed

2022-01-22 12:04:58 42 ℃

The Lakers have the last moment of the squadrons, and Wiesbrook is honest in Woger. For this snow, Woger said he wants to use himself to win. In response to Walle's remarks, Wiesbrook also gave their own views when they were interviewed on January 21, Beijing.

Wei Shao said that when he couldn't get on the end, his mood was very heavy. He is very eager to help the team to win, but the ultimate lake is still losing. So this decision makes you very disappointed. For Walger's remarks, Wei Shang said that he has completed everything that the team asked himself. And declare again, you will continue to do yourself and help the Lakers hit the championship.

From the words of Wei Sha, we are not difficult to listen, he doesn't know where he is wrong. Just like the netizen commentary: "Wei Shao said that he completed the work to him, but the actual situation is not that, he didn't prevent Leville's right hand breakthrough, even if the Lakers team know Leville will use the right hand However, Wei Shao still did not prevent Leville, he said that he had completed the team to give him a work, it was in full swing. "

Netizens' reply seems to be spit, but maybe the Lakers coach Woger wants to say to Wei Shao. After all, in the game of the walker, Wei Sha will not only attack, but only 5 in the audience, the performance of the defensive end can also be described in terrible. He was on the place of Leville to cut a 30-minute 8 rebounds, and the hit rate was as high as 84.4%, under his defensive, a 18.4 points in his defensive, a metrical dumplings in Los Angeles.

When the opponent launched a strike against the Lakers weakness, Woger didn't want to make a way to make up the hole, that is the biggest mistake, so when Wei Lee does not live in Leville, Woger put him on the replacement There is no problem. Unfortunately, until now Wei Shao has not realized his own problems, and unclear that he is the real reason why you are in the snow.