L'Wando Skysk: My honor belongs to my team Bayern Munich

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L'Wando Skysk: My honor belongs to my team Bayern Munich

2022-01-22 12:03:40 41 ℃

Following the first players who have become the history of the League, the Champions League and the German Football Association of the Sanda League, the Champions League and the German Football Association of the League World Football will be the world football. Base has reappeared brilliant and defeated the Golden Globe winner, the Liverpool's famous Sarah and others once again incorporated the Pacific World Football Awards. In this interview, the new 2021 World Football Mr. La Wando said that I mean this award means that what I play today, my family has played how much role, and a few in your career Special moments.

官 官 网: What does the honor of the FIFA2021 World Best Football mean?

L'Wando Skysk: I have to say that this is a share of honor, I feel very proud of this award, I am doing everything I am doing, I can make me proud. At the same time, I am very happy, these honors are also a team because we are all a part of the team, united together.

Dejia official website: Will this award will motivate you, more exciting your best side?

L'Wando Skysk: If you like this exercise, if you like this exercise like me, it will always be incentive. No matter how many games have been won, these are not important. For me, more importantly, how many games are going to win, or how many champions have to take it. This is the difference.

Even in the award, even after winning a champion, it also makes me more motivated to win the next victory.

官 网: Do you think this title is more important to the German League?

L'Wando Skysk: I think every award is very important to the alliance - the same for the team, we are united in the competition and the whole season, so all these personal awards are also important to the club. . Win honor with your team is always special - because the team is the most important thing - but personal awards are also important, which means you have been doing very well.

Kujir.com: Manuel Nouier also won the best door to the year. How important is Manuel to the team?

La Wando Skysk: Yes, he is a great goalkeeper, but it is not only a goalkeeper, but also a great person. No matter how old he is now, he is still proven to be the best. For me, even during the training, he is also the same as the opponent in the game, and the door that breaks his own is a challenge.

Because of him, you can make us better. Because if you are in training, the best door will be in front of you, the next challenge is to find a solution to the break.

Dejia official website: On social media, you make us very intuitively, your family life is on weekends. You give your daughter with a vacuum, how did this do it?

La Wando Skysk: I have seen some video in the Internet a few months ago. Of course, this is sometimes, I don't have much time to make hair too much in the morning. I asked her, if we tried to do this, would she be happy? At first, my daughter said: "Ok, I am uncertain (will be happy)." After we tried, she looks very much, her daughter is very happy to have this novelty craft and style. For me, this is an easy task, I can do anything, so that the time spent with my family is very pleasant.

Deli official website: There is another thing about your family. You have told me that you must try a lot of exercise when you are young, because your parents expect you to do this. It's better to tell again, why do they have to participate in more sports in addition to football?

La Wando Skysk: Yes, my parents are sports teachers. When I was young, my father taught me in the class. Every time I got my sports class, I expected to play football, but the situation is not always the case. At that time, I didn't understand why we have to play other sports, such as basketball, handball or volleyball, because I just want to play football. But later I understand that other sports can make me more flexible - they can teach you different actions.

Not only is the standard movement of football players, but I also saw that I have different from other players, because my body is more flexible, this is why I am involved in many other sports. Now I can be grateful, I want to say thank you for my father, because he makes me only play football when I am childhood.

Dejia official website: one of the highlights of the Bundesliga season, of course, the 41st goals in the season, breaking the scoring record of the German goal. Do you remember these? Can you tell us what happened before and after breaking the record?

La Wando Skysk: Of course, remember this moment, and the process of happening throughout the game, engraved in my mind. Because I clearly remember, what kind of state I am in the whole game before I enter 41 grains. I tried to use the left foot, right foot, left, then right shot, I have not broken, but other players score is easy. At that moment, at the last moment, in the last few seconds, I know that I have to prepare and meet the upcoming moments. When I feel Leulu Saun, try to score from 20 meters away, almost this time, I feel almost the same time.

I know that I don't have offside, the door will make a small error, I must appear in the correct position in the correct time. When I entered this ball, I still didn't realize that this means something, just very happiness. "This is impossible, this is a legendary record" - this goal is very good for me, I am very happy after going forward, I can't believe it yourself. Dejia official website: From then on, is someone else changed your evaluation? Who did you get a recognition? Maybe a person outside of football?

La Wando Skysk: I offer this record to Gate Miller. In the past 49 years, no one can approach to break this record. Because of him, I can create a new record. He showed the height of you can reach in Deck, in a few years ago, I think someone can do his achievements, but after 49 years later, I did it. This record is too great, because he is different.

Even now, this also makes me proud, happy, because I have no extravagance, breaking so great records in Deglam. I did it. This season and last year, all the support I got is important to me. I know that this is not easy after I am injured, I think it may not be possible to enter so many balls, break this record. But when I returned, I know that I have to try my best and still believe that breaking is possible.

Deli official website: I attacked 23 balls in 19 games and expected to break my record. Does this motivate you to further?

La Wando Skysk: Yes, last year I missed a few games because of hurt, I hope this season can be filled with 34 games and maintain the same goal efficiency. This season may happen. If you are lucky, you may have two times, and you also behave very well. I always try my best, and try to maintain a high level of competition.

At the end of the root, all records mean some special things, some extra things. I will always think about the team's angle, think about how to win the championship with my team.

Dejia official website: We noticed some things in the game against Cologne: You are a master that gets rid of the offside trap, and the timing is very good. This comes from your past experience, or you study for the game research? How is this skill developed?

La Wando Skysk: If you play 25 years of football, you will know when you are nothing, because you can clearly see the other party's guard line. My attention is not only concentrated on the ball, but also focus on the other party's guard line, I know that I don't have offside.

For the striker in the penalty area, it is not only necessary to think about it quickly, but it is better than the opponent. In this case, I know that this is not an offside, this goal is correct. Because I move between the opponent's defender, with Thomas's passing, it is just right. This is what I know that I won't be off - my eyes are enough, you can see the offline line, the situation when I get rid of the offside is completely fit.

Deli official website: 300 granular goals, is a new milestone. You are the second player who reaches 300 ball records. What does this mean?

L'Wando Skaski: I first heard of my first 300 balls in Deck. It is always better to get this information before the game, because it doesn't have to worry too much when this game is. These numbers make me proud, and 300 grain is a great thing, and it is also a special thing. Only two players entered so many balls, I was one of them. In this record, patience is also very important. It is certain that if the team kicked well, it would be much easier, you will have a lot of opportunities to go to go.

Dejia official website: It is now only 65 balls compared to Gad Mille's scorpion record ...

La Wandoski: Not "only", but there is 65 goals. I didn't think too much, there is a long way to go before it is close to this record. Now I have to focus on this season, the next game, not breaking the record. I don't think about what happened in the next 65 goals. It's too far away.