Wei Shaohang Change Wall, the Lakers need to make a draft?Looking back at the 3 times trading, the turtle brother is 4.

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Wei Shaohang Change Wall, the Lakers need to make a draft?Looking back at the 3 times trading, the turtle brother is 4.

2022-01-22 12:03:53 35 ℃

On January 22, Beijing time, a Lakeman and a rocket trading rumored frying pan. According to the "New York Post" reporter Mark Stann's report, the rocket is willing to use John Wall to change Lacel - Wisbrook, the payment of these two seasons is still 40 million + The Walbook has not played any game.

The news that is then exposed is even more, the premise of this transaction is that the Lakers need to choose a draft, in other words, the power of the other, the power can be changed to Wall, and Wei Shao has been playing, Wall is halfway. The season didn't play, his trading value is still higher than Wei?

Los Angeles local reporters also reported that the Rockets in this trading also hoped to get the first round of the Los Angeles Lakers 2027. In other words, multiple draft rights can be confident. Is this too hard? Let's review the three trading of Wei, and the Turtle as a 2017 MVP. Even if the competitive state is low, his transaction is not a loss. This time I want the Lake people to cry? is it possible?

First: Thunder and Rocket Trading

In order to form the MVP combination of Wei + Harden, the Rover, the first round of Paul, 2024 and 2026, the first round of the first round of 2021 and 2025, to get Wiesbrook, which is a Turtle 1 to change 5, and There are two first round signs and two first rounds of interchange, the Thunder earns.

Second: Rocket and Wonder

The rocket sent Wei Shao to the first round of Wolle + 2023, the deal of the Turtle also earned, and the deal of 1 change 2, the Wizard finally returned to the season with the help of the Turtle. It is a win-win.

Third time: Rocket and Lakers

Last year, this transaction was five-party transactions. Here we only said that the Lakers sent out and got it, the Lake sent out of Kuzma, Pop, Harrar, 2022 first round, No. 22, signed, 2023 Bull Second-wheel (Wiki), 2024 odd / Grizzly Poor Extraction (Wizards), 2028 odd times (Wizards), that is, 4 to change 4, the worst is also 4 to change 4, the Wizards this transaction is not Loss, and Kuzma, Pop, Harrell is also quite good.

This seems that the god turtle is not too much in decline his transaction, and the Lakers will use multiple draft rights + Wei Shao Shao. I think it is a height of the world.

Wen / Yan Xiaobai