Guo Allen Key Ball!Liaosheng is dangerous, Zhao Rui returns out or fight Qingdao, North Control is cut off Li Gen

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Guo Allen Key Ball!Liaosheng is dangerous, Zhao Rui returns out or fight Qingdao, North Control is cut off Li Gen

2022-01-22 18:06:55 48 ℃

On January 22, Beijing time, the CBA regular season continued. In a focus of the game not long ago, the Liaoning men's basketball team finally won the North, and avoided losing. Continue to stabilize them the thrill of the first list. The North Control of this game is ahead, the first quarter is leading 22-19, but the Liao Show is still a thickness of the lineup, although Guo Allen and Zhao Jiwei played average, but the grouse on the bench, cut 22 points alone, Finally, Guo Ilan key balls, helping the Liaoshu Face. In terms of data, Guo Allen 19 cuts 16 points, Zhao Jiwei 15 points to 15 points, and the Fuge is 22 points. Guangdong Hongyuan, they continue to have a good news, after the new outside Lendo officially in place and completed the first show, Zhao Rui, which is temporarily left for the temporary, and is expected to return to the fire line, play 23 days, Hongyuan and Qingdao men's basketball team the match of. According to reports, Zhao Rui's current injuries have been completely raised, and Du Feng hopes that he keeps competitive state through several games lastled. In the Northern Control Men's Basket, they officially officially announced that they will end with Li Gen's hiring contract, and Mr. Li Gen, who once lost to the embarrassing situation of being crured.

Recently, the Northern Control Men's Basketball in Sanliang, the status is quite good, and the Liao Towns are defeated in Xinjiang, the main striker Zhang Tanglin is still accidentally injured, and some fans are optimistic about the Northern Men's Basketball "Well." In fact, the Northern Control Men's Basketball has achieved a certain advantage, and the first quarter ends them with a 22-19 leader. On the side of the Liaobe, Guo Allen and Zhao Jiwei are really not very good today, and the two people are crazy to fight, and they will give the basket. However, Guo Allen completed the redemption at the last moment, the key layup helped the team to steady. In the past, the old horse door fosa killed on the bench, and the heavy responsibility of the credit was taken. Under the driving of the two, the Liao Shout gradually recovered, and finally defeated. Many Liao Basketball fans have read the first show of Hongyuan New Aid Lake, turning the head to think that their own grouse and Morade can't work, in fact, this is not necessary, and Fogg and Mora are very good foreign aid, This is not, today's Fogg has become a key player who saves the Liaoshu basket.

After reading the Warm of Hongyuan and Tianjin, I believe many Hongyuan fans have slept beautiful. New aid Lendo is not only dish, but it is incense! Zhu Fangyu and Du Feng's eyes are really very poisonous! In addition to Leido and Wims have arrived in the district, Hongyuan also ushered in another good news. Zhao Rui, which is temporarily left for injury, is currently hurt, and it is expected to fight the crucial battle of Sunday Hongyuan and Qingdao men's basketball! Although Zhao Rui has repeatedly stressed that he is not a superman, even if it comes back, I can't change the entire team. However, we can judge the full macro, how strong, Zhao Rui came back It does not represent himself, but also represents the lineup of Hongyuan, is gradually recovering! Such a macro is the most terrible.

Li Gen, who had been easily got a million-year-old salary, in recent years, due to age and injury, the loss is not guaranteed, and the state is also a big decline than the peak period. After a consideration, the North Controlled men's basketball team finally chose to separate with Li Gen. Today, the North Controlled release official statement, said that it will terminate the hiring contract with Li Gen, and change a vernacular. Of course, Li Gen's fuel tank should still have a lot of oil, wait for him to return, change a team, should still continue his CBA career, hoping that this old will continue to fight the CBA League, after all he also carries it. Many old fans' aesthetic memories!