Spleaged hi!Curry 21 6+ three points 13 in 4 rumored face, Cole escaped the shame record

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Spleaged hi!Curry 21 6+ three points 13 in 4 rumored face, Cole escaped the shame record

2022-01-22 18:06:08 43 ℃

On January 22, Beijing time, Warriors 105-103 defeated the rocket to avoid two losses. This game is the second game of the Warriors, Cole makes Clay-Thompson and Igodala wheel, he uses the library + Poor + Wights + Porter + Rooney's first lineup, Unexpectedly the first section 6 points behind, the next rocket opened to 11 points, the third warrior played a wave 13-0 to achieve anti-super, the third quarter finished the two teams, the last rocket once opened to 8 points but final Curry Complete the killing.

Curry is good at last night, and the game is 27 in the game. However, unfortunately the Warriors lost three core absentee pedestrians, predict the Warriors +16.5 before the game, but finally untidel Cole has swallowed the third largest bursting on the 14-15 season. Curry VS Walks Because the data is not bad, no one thinks he should have.

10 minutes in the first quarter, 0 in 0, three points 2 in 0, only 1 point 3 assists. Curry seems to be in the Rockets Eye Jay Jay-GRRBRI is more iron (Green 5). The second festival 4 in the 4th, three points 3 in 1, single section 5 points 2 rebounds 2 assists 1 cover, that is, half a field 9 in 1, three points 5 1 to win 6 points 5 assists. The rocket list is half a half.

The third quarter of Curry finally found the feel, first completed a small throttle in three points, breaking through the manufacturing foul, 11 points, and he also led the Warriors to play 13-0 climax will be more anti-super, then the rocket is again more Matthew scored a round of a round of Poor's Malicious Warrior a round. Culi Section 3 3, 3, 3, 2, 11 points, 1 rebound 3 assists 1 steals, the first three sections 15 in 4 + three points 9 in 3, the Rocket Literary 9 in 0+ three points 4 in 0.

The three points of the end of the end of Kutama helped the warriors again, and the two teams came to me. I didn't make each other. Kuri hit three points detonated the audience, and then Martin was able to play, and the Kuri did not have a rocket. In the ultra-super, Matthew 3 + 1 manufacturing Wingks cushion foul, one turn has played 6 points Rockets again to pull the difference, Pohr three is reduced to 2 points, and the Curry is two key three points. Take the iron, Matthews 5 seconds before the killing of the killing, and the library will fall back to the face.

Curry all-game 21, 6, three points 13 in 4, 22 points 12 assists 4 rebounds 1 steals 1 cover, the hit rate is 28.6%, and the three-point hit rate is 30.7%. Although the efficiency value is not good but it has completed the undetective.

Wen / Yan Xiaobai