Garbage time can be available!The basket will win the team, only his depressed

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Garbage time can be available!The basket will win the team, only his depressed

2022-01-22 18:07:18 42 ℃

On January 22nd, Beijing time, today, the Netburway is once again winning, they take the 117-102 victory, so, the team has achieved two consecutive victories, ranking also returns to the east again, It can be said that it is a double happiness. In the face of the Eastern strong enemy basket, the spurs in this field are very tenac, the first half, they are difficult to understand, they don't lose, no longer lose, the first is 2 points, the end of the half, still keep 1 The advantage of the division. But Harden and Owen are top-level superstars, in the third quarter, Haden has begun to fight, helping the team more than 5 points.

In the fourth quarter, the firepower of the Spurs is still not reduced, Murray and Peltel have entered the net network score, but this section has become the performance time of Owen and Harden two giants, and I traveled in Owen. 7 points, after this, Harden opened the test match mode, 2 points in the middle, then grabbed the offensive rebound into 2 + 1, soon, Harden and hit the three points, the difference has been opened More than 10 points, Potovic saw the general trend, and also contributed to surrendering, Nash was also very interesting, withdrawing Harden and Owen to rest.

The performance of the basket dual-core is impeccable, especially Harden, which can be said to be a God. Harden This is 37 minutes and 08 seconds, shot in shot 24, three points 8 in 4, free throw 7, get 37 points, 10 rebounds 11 assists 1 cap, positive and negative value +18. This triple is the 8th three pairs of Harden this season, the 66th three pairs of career, if you want to pick out what is awkward, that is, this scene has three mistakes, in addition to this, is perfect . It is worth mentioning that this is the 8th 30+ 30+ 30+ of the Net. This is the most history of the basket team. It is only 3 times, which is visible, healthy Harden, its personal ability. It is the top of history.

Owen Battle 35 minutes and 28 seconds, shooting 21, three, three, 3, free throw 1, get 24 points 3 rebound 4 assists 0 mistakes, positive negative value +13, the first three sections, Owen's hand is not very good . However, in the end of the game, Owen's firepower has been unique to 15 points, and the leader is finally lifted by his hit rate to 47.6%. The effect after the return of Owen is very obvious. The Net off-attack point is more, and the fast attack counterestor is stronger. The defensive strength is improved, and the key moments will control the rhythm of the game.

Of course, in addition to Owen and Harden, Ade once again stabilized output, contributing 16 points and 7 rebounded data, and transports firepower shells for the team's second lineup. In this competition, Nash is used in conventional time, using all the players, and he is worthy of praise, this is not a person who is David - Duke. After Bobovich Mingjin took a trok, Nash was attended the Duke, and he only got 69 seconds, no shot, data is 0 points 1 rebound 10 assists, positive and negative value 0.

After the basket is winning, the whole team is celebrating, but when the slow lens gives Duke, I saw him lush, and the face had no love in love. In addition, Thomas is almost this expression. In fact, Duke is also a very powerful rookie, he has cut 18 + 14 data in the game. This season, his play time is less than that Briten and this Brit, but the number of scores and the number of rebounds are higher than those of these. Duke has been honest for 4 consecutive games, not his personal ability, can only say that there are too many players who can play. I can't play the taste of playing, I must be very uncomfortable. I believe that at some point in time, Duke must once again squeeze into the wheel change lineup.