Strengthen version of Brandon Roy!18-year-old talent considers to participate in the draft, the Rocket can't win again.

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Strengthen version of Brandon Roy!18-year-old talent considers to participate in the draft, the Rocket can't win again.

2022-01-22 18:06:57 40 ℃

The fans desire the rockets this year, this year, the ultimate limit is high, there is no significant short board, but Smith is not hard enough, Cutt is too thin, and the pedestro deficiency is still in a strange disease, Aivi is a little short-term ability generally.

ESPN released a heavy news in the early hours of the morning, so many rocket fans are excited, 18 years old Kenji genius rookie Shaedon Sharpe will consider participating this year's draft.

SHAEDON Sharpe has not yet passed a formal competition after joining Kentucky. He has had enough credits before the beginning of the four seasons. It will graduate from high school. Experts from ESPN believe that Shaedon Sharpe may decide whether to log in NBA this summer.

Jay-Green, which is regarded as a futuristic stone, may only be popular than Shaedon Sharpe, after all, the former is a net red, with millions of fans in the United States.

ESPN information shows that Shaedon Sharpe currently is 1 meter 98, and some experts believe that he is a talent to enhance version of Brandon Roy.

The genius defending the injury, Branden Roy is the nightmare of the Rocket, and once again takes a comparison of Harden. Some people say that if Brandon Roy can stay healthy, he will become a MVP level superstar.

The talent is higher than Branden Roy, and Shaedon Sharpe is naturally very powerful.

Canada's new star Shaedon Sharpe highlights in the Nike Eybl star game, the first throne of the United States. Just use two years from Samsung High School to the United States, Shaedon Sharpe is difficult to think of Moyte, the latter complies with the young cornerstone required by the rocket management, but unfortunately the Grizzlies will not let people.

The main position of Sharpe is the score of the defender, his physical quality is quite excellent, can be worked, attacked and defensive, and has a leader. There is a US media revealed that Shaedon Sharpe's maximum running bomb jump reached 1 meter 29, reminds people of the Rocket Bounce Wang Francis, some people called his new Wens - Carter.

The technology of Shaedon Sharpe is really too much compared to score means, and he can score in a variety of ways, he once in Nike Eybl in the summer, 22.6 points, three points The rate is as high as 46%. Shaedon Sharpe can not only score themselves, but also send a wonderful biography for your teammates.

The Shaedon Sharpe, which has not been hitted yet, has been placed in the top five of the new show list by the American draft website. It can be seen in his strength.

If Shaedon Sharpe can play a few good balls, even have a chance to become a champion.

So the Rocket can't win again, hurry up all my best. If Shaedon Sharpe decides to participate in the draft, the rocket can use his first round to take him, bring back to Houston.

The Rockets main coach and players don't want to be rotten?

It is also not difficult to solve, Stone first gave Selas to class, let him understand that he is just a worker, if you don't listen to the boss, the consequences are very serious.

Then send the whole time to send the first round, the transaction Wood, Gordon Tata can take the three first round of draft.