Official!The national football team will be released in the 12th game, and it will raise disputes again in Dabao!

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Official!The national football team will be released in the 12th game, and it will raise disputes again in Dabao!

2022-01-23 00:04:19 30 ℃

A few days ago, the National Football Officer announced the big list of the 12th Race. There were 23 in the national training in the domestic training. Overseas players have Wu Lei, Alan, Fernant, Luo Guo Jiang Guang. The 23 national feet of the national football team showed the twelve competitions. Yan Junling, Zhang Yan Zhe, Yu Dabao, Zhang Yun, etc., many Li Tie, very valued, have no suspense, and the ultimate list of Li Xiaopeng's national football team is selected.

In this regard, the fans' views should not be selected by the ultimate list. Yu Dabao kicked in the national football team Zhongwei , his performance is very general in this position. When the national football team was played in the forties and the 12th game, it gave the opportunity to appear in Dabao. It is not good to play in Dabao, so that many fans feel that he is difficult to use. In addition, Li Xiaopeng put it in a custom-owned, Li Yun, give a half-way home to the Dabao chance, this choice is also to understand the outside world.

Li Yang once is the main sanitation of the Jiangsu team, leading the team to get a 2020 season super champion. Li Qian's performance in the game, causing the attention of the Hong Kong team. Shanghao introduced Li Yun in this season, to reinforce the team's Zhongwei. It is worth mentioning that Li Tie is in the national football team, and Li An also is also a very instrument.

Li Yang is Li Tieguo standing and standing, many times in the competition, the commission is subject to heavy responsibility, and basically manifest the rules. Li Qian is a genuine Zhongwei, who is lost in the competition of Dabao, is what makes fans feel unfair. In addition, Li Xiaopeng also gave a new star opportunity when finalizing the list of the World Football Twelfth. Dai Wei is the first place to choose the list of countries, and the prospect is generally optimistic.

Dai Wei is a recognized black horse new star in the position of the national football commander. He also has a good performance in this season. Especially in the competition of the Tamashan team, Dai Wei is staged a priest of Meikai. Dai Wei will become a new power of the national football, prove himself in the next 12th game, so that you can truly pick up the girlfriend.

(Luo Shipper)