Big bursting!Men's singles four strong, Xu Wei Wang Chuxin led, Madongfan Zhendong is all out of place

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Big bursting!Men's singles four strong, Xu Wei Wang Chuxin led, Madongfan Zhendong is all out of place

2022-01-23 00:04:19 40 ℃

On January 22, the WTT Macau Champion Men's men's singles officially released: Lin Gao Yuan, Xu Wei Bin, Xu Wei and Wang Chuqin, Fan Zhendong and Malone were eliminated. Semi - finals: Lin Gao Yuan vs Xu Wei Bin, Xu Wei vs Wang Chuxin; on January 23, men's singles semi-finals will be conducted, and the champion will be released.

Lin Gao Yuan vs Xu Wei;

Lin Gao Yuan and Xu Wei Bin have played in the semi-finals. The previous Lin Gaoyuan was promoted to the semi-final of 3-2 Sheng Lin Shi Dong. And the post-hour teenager Xu Wei is staged the biggest cold door of this year. In the face of the first Fan Zhendong, the world ranked first, Xu Yubin won the victory in 3-1, and sent it to the birthday of the birthday, so Xu Wei Bin advanced To four.

This group of decisions is whether Lin Gao Yuan can grasp the opportunity of the strongest opponent Fan Zhendong out of this half area and kill the finals. Can Xu Yubin continue to stage the road of Black Horse, and after eliminating Fan Zhendong and eliminated another country, Tenno, Gao Yuan, and also look forward to the mortuary between the two.

Xu Wei vs Wang Chuxin;

Xu Wei was eliminated today and promoted the finals. Previously, there was a news that Xu Wei will retire after the end of the National Games, and Xu Wei does not participate. However, it is clear that the state of the old Xu Wei is still very good. When the key ball is facing, his experience can always play a role. This men's singles in Macau stood in the top four. If you can successfully pass Wang Chuxin, Xu Wei is likely to open a good head to his 2022, hope to increase.

Wang Chuxi broke the cold door today. He wore the national table tennis Daolong. After mixing the double, after the mashtack, this time, Wang Chuxin won again, let Malone have four men's singles. Malone, as the Guolin captain, has been clearly stated that he will strive to persist in the Great Games area, which will not retire because of the larger S $ Slam. I also congratulate Wang Chunqin. He was questioned after the mixed double out of the game, and this time I arrived on the game of the men's singles, Wang Chuxin wore a molcher, proved himself.

Xu Wei and Wang Chuxin met in the semi-finals, seeing it, and two people went to the Tokyo Olympics, but Wang Chuxin as the PC's substitute did not play, unfortunately. But as a genius player, Wang Chun has been cultivated, he and Xu Wei's relationship is very good, who can advance from the final, and the suspense is very.