Luo Guofu is close to the airport truth, the Football Association has been working hard, reporter: I can't respect it

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Luo Guofu is close to the airport truth, the Football Association has been working hard, reporter: I can't respect it

2022-01-23 12:02:53 37 ℃

On January 23, the national football team will go from Shanghai to Japan, prepare for the 27th and Japan's World Preliminaries. On the 23rd, Luo Guofu sued into the photo of him and Fisan in the social network, and did not meet the arrangement of the consensus. However, from the latest news, this time Luo Guofu and Fernan are stranded. The airport is related to the special period of flight. The Football Association has been working hard, but the results are not the most ideal.

This national football team, originally five reputation players entered the list, and finally 4 people entered the world's listing list, Axson absent, Fisan, Alan and Luo Guofeng from Brazil to Japan, Jiang Guangtai went to Dubai Japan. On the 22nd, Luo Guo is rich in his own and Fisoto, Alan departure, according to the plan, 3 people fly from Brazil to the Netherlands Amsterdam, then turn to Japan.

However, there is a new situation when turning, because the flight from Amsterdam to Japan is canceled from Amsterdam, which is also normal in the special period of the epidemic. In this way, Luo Guofu and Fisan can only wait for the next flight at the airport. Plus two people did not have the European Schengen visa and could not get out of the airport for accommodation, and the airport hotel has already been met, the two have to retain the airport, rest at the airport.

Luo Guofu has expressed dissatisfaction with such changes, and he is also straightforward. However, netizens also have the cause of flight cancellation, which is indeed force majeure. In this respect, the Football Association does not have much way. Of course, maybe there is more arrangements and plans in advance, but the special period of the epidemic situation, there is a case of many sudden factors, and the Football Association can only try to coordinate.

From now on, Luo Guofu and Fisan, Alan will postpone the arrival of Japan, and other players of Chinese men's football team flew from Shanghai to Japan on the 23rd, and then training. Luo Guofu and Fisano, and the Alan arrive will also perform related tests, and there is still a poor influence. Bible Luo Guofeng can't play and Japan's game, because stopped. Fisan has not had a formal game for a long time. How is his status, but also to see the body status after arrival, whether it will debut, and unknown. Alan also takes time to recover adjustment, if he can play, there is a great help to national football.

For this incident, football report Li Wei also released his understanding, the Football Association plans to let all players enter into the country, this time because of flight cancellation, it has brought a series of impacts, and the Football Association has been solved. Strive to make the players in batch of Japan's policies. In this process, there may be some problems in communication, but the Football Association is indeed working hard.