sorrow!CBA's largest "rotten contract" is cleaned up, two teams become "big heads"

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sorrow!CBA's largest "rotten contract" is cleaned up, two teams become "big heads"

2022-01-23 12:03:13 29 ℃

On January 22, the Northern Control Men's Basketball Team issued an official announcement, and the employment contract between the two sides was terminated with Li Gen. At this point, the largest "rotten contract" in the history of CBA has declared cleanup ...

2 years ago, the North Control and Shanghai team completed a player trading, North Control with Zongzan and noble changed Li Gen, who has passed the peak. Li Gen has played a 53-game competition in the season, and a 9.6 points 2.3 rebounds were taken. This season, Li Gen, who was returned to the old injury, has not been able to appear on the ground.

It is worth mentioning that although Li Gen and the North Control Team have lifted the contract, due to its three-year huge contract, according to the main written agreement of North Control and Shanghai team, Li Gen's contract salary The Shanghai team undertakes about 60%, the North Control is around 40%. This means that Li Gen still gets 28 million annual salary for the last year.

This season did not play, but also won 28 million "breakup fees", which is unique in CBA history.

Li Guan career tulled efforts over 6 CBA teams. The earliest "Dongjia" is a Shanghai men's basketball team. Because of the teaching period of Deng Huad, Li Gang followed the teacher Li Qiuping to the Qingdao team. Two years of Qingdao team, Li Gen excellent performance, causing the attention of CBA teams. Two years later, Li Gen, who had expired, was taken away by Beijing Shougang's "fat", and became one of the heroes of the Beijing team four crowns.

Four years later, Li Gen, who had expired, rejected the Beijing team repeatedly retrans, and joined the new Xinjiang team that was more broad. Li Gen's leave, which made Beijing's first steel team was very dissatisfied, so there was a story of "award aisle". In the Xinjiang team who rushed to the crown, due to the arrival of Li Gen, the strength of the sharp line increased sharply, and finally won the CBA championship.

After three seasons, the savvy Xinjiang men's basketball team gave up the renewal of Li Gen, which was gradually proud of the injury. The "not bad money" is a long-term men's basketball team, and it is not allowed to extend the "olive branch" to Li Gen. It is 53 million three years.

After that, Li Gen followed the recurrence of injuries, the competitive state is not as good as before, "eating dumb loss" Shanghai team, in order to bring Li Gen's "hot sack" easy, so they negotiate with North Control Fang, with Li Gen to change the heart The sharp line will be praised. "A dare to change, a dare to pick up", the two "big head" clubs are "pension", why do Ligen?

I have to say that Li Gen's career is too smooth. In the past few years, as the CBA "Xiangyi" Li Gen, it was strivered by multiple teams to grab, the annual salary "layers". Let Li Gen that makes "playing a shot for a place", earn a lot of money. Even the netizens also joked that Li Gencai is "the fastest player of CBA to get money!"

Say goodbye to the North Controlled Li Gen, who will be "Dongjia"?