Decades for 22 hours!Luo Guo Fusheng Airport Video: Sleep in the seat, congratulations

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Decades for 22 hours!Luo Guo Fusheng Airport Video: Sleep in the seat, congratulations

2022-01-23 12:03:27 40 ℃

At 3 o'clock in the morning of January 23, Luo Guofu sent the Chinese Football Association in the individual Chinese social media, and the relevant personnel of the Chinese Football Association were bad. Changed the flight ticket to Japan, and did not arrange a rest, did not respect them, they only Can wait for 22 hours in the airport.

Luo Guofu, Alan, and Fernant's encounter have been supported by national fans. Luo Guofeng's voice is a full range of sites. It can take the courage to stand up to the Chinese Football Association. This is very rare in China's football. After all, local players It is absolutely afraid to say so, public anger Chinese Football Association.

At 7 o'clock in Beijing, Luo Guofe has issued a small video on the personal external network social media, and the airport video of Amsterdam can be seen. It can be seen that the lens is here, there are very few people. The status quo of Luo Guofeng, Alan, Fernan, can also guess, only rest in the airport seat.

Luo Guofu said: "Congratulations on the relevant personnel." This sentence is fascinated, I am afraid that it is a mocking Chinese Football Association.

The wave of operation of the Chinese Football Association is really unlimited, and the ability to organize it is terrible. This more affects the status of the player, in the face of Japan, Vietnam, this is the Football Association in self-digging!

The majority of fans are also peace of mind, anger China Football Association:

"Lao Luo, don't be excited, this is just beginning, there are more places where you are surprised and spit! Don't worry, sleep!"

"True love, I am in the court, even if the national team is finished, there is no difference, people are sincere, but the Chinese Football Association let everyone feel cold."

"This kind of journey does let the player will be crimered, and finally it may affect the war."

"The Football Association has been so disgusting, anyway, I will find a new pot, whether it is a coach player.

"China's local players have to go to the charter. Several foreign aids don't say to engage in special treatment, there is no need to change the trip, so I will book a hotel in the airport chair, this does not affect the state of preparation. Well!"

Things have developed to this point, I don't know how the Chinese Football Association says? Xiaobian also pays attention to the development of this incident 24 hours, and now the Chinese Football Association is lost to the home.