US media sun Jenna NBA boyfriend all-star lineup: personally for Buckler, one person or traded

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US media sun Jenna NBA boyfriend all-star lineup: personally for Buckler, one person or traded

2022-01-23 12:03:40 26 ℃

The NBA All-Star Tour is about to open. It is still in a voting link. All star lineup will also be released. The US media took a NBA all-star lineup about the Jenna boyfriend, including the Wizards' Krax, the Jazz's Clarkson, the Wolf Team of Russell, the Suns of the Sun Team, Simmons, Philadelphia. Griffin of the basket network. Such a lineup should be in the peak, and the all-star issues should be not big.

Recently, Jenna and the male Honey Fakadra have come to dinner, causing the netizens hot discussion, after all, Jenna is alone, and the photo of the men's girlfriends, some people say Book will be jealous?

In fact, Jenna and Book feel good, last season NBA Finals, Jenna gave Boke, this season has also arrived in Bak to help, and wear clothes with the same color number with the Sun Team, for Bak , More efforts, the more happiness, the more people go through the social media, and Xiu En love is envious. Although Jenna's ex-boyfriend is numerous, Bak should be the longest feelings, which also reflects the good ability and emotional business of Buck.

In the voting environment of all stars, Jenna is also a Bucra, you have to know that she has 31 million fans on social media, and it is also popular to Boxla, although the final result is not ideal, but Bok is still an opportunity to be selected. Star's. It is worth mentioning that although Bak has played two all-star, it is all played for others. This time he will strive to enter the right list, after all, he has this strength.

This season's record is good, 35 wins and 9 lifts in the western part, and during the period, it also broke the team's recording. In addition to the old way to play Paul, Bak as a star, in the data, it is very good. This season was 33 minutes, you can get 24.6 points 5.3 rebound 4.5 Assistance 0.9 steal 0.3 cap, the shooting rate is 44.7%, and the three-pointer intermediate rate is 39.4%, and the three-pointer intermediate rate is a good career.

Jenna's ex-boyfriend has changed the team, and the Bark and Simmons have been in the parent team, and now the Simmoss's farce is still going, maybe after a period of time, Boke has not changed! When it comes to the change, in fact, Xiaobian only wants to explain a truth. I hope that Book and Jenna are as long as Bak and the sun, and they are willing to be a genus!