C Luo is no longer the first male protagonist!He will be like Messi: Is it happy to give your teammate?

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C Luo is no longer the first male protagonist!He will be like Messi: Is it happy to give your teammate?

2022-01-23 18:02:47 34 ℃

In the past 2 Premier League, C Luo 6 shot 1 shot first shot, 4 times were blocked, only 1 shot, 0 goals. Under the new tactical system of Ronik, C Luo is no longer a sudden arrow to break up, but it is necessary to bear a part of the duties. Go to play like Messi? C Luo did in 2 games, each stigted a wonderful goal, but it was hard to get the opportunity. Does the C-fold will be happy? Do you have a wedding dress for others? How long does C Luo insisted?

01. Under the 4222 system of Ronik: C Luo retreats

Manchester United issue is that the team's midfield does not have autonomous advancement and too strong creativity, Bruno - Fernande (hereinafter referred to as B fee) passed the ball very good, but he is not good at holding the ball and bringing the ball forward . Therefore, Manchester United seems to have only one option in the situation of the situation.

Because the strength of the striker, there are some ability to bring the ball to the front of Manchester United, Mandarin. However, there will be someone to retrace the midway. So the relative empirical, C-Luo, which is better in Middle Road, has become a choice.

Another reason for C Ro Luo retains, is also because the current attack is really a lot of attack. Despite the strongest insertion impact points, now Manchester United is even better than him.

Of course, C Luo has the opportunity to differ the anti-invasive zone of the second time. This is also his work in Real Madrid. Manchester United uses the advantages of the strife, which is reflected in the two-person wings association to find a spatial space, there are two strikers to cross the point.

However, C Luo is now in return of the attack on the anti-invasion zone to decline, this time Maxier and Rushford competed in the first point of C-Luo, after the offensive opportunity, play The flank fit is sent to the biography. It is a pity that after C Luo is inserted, but it can't complete the jump ball.

The game came from the touch point, and C Luo is indeed like a striker. He has a lot of retracement and connecting attacks, which is also Ronik hopes him to do well.

02. Lonnick's tactics: C Luo is no longer the first male protagonist

This game is 18-6, 3 times the number of opponents in the midnap. However, Manchester United tensions are just 3 times, which also exposes some problems of the team.

Because more retreat should be removed in the game, the proportion of C-Luo's nibbies in the rib is quite high. At the same time in C Rosa, the first choice of Manchester United impacts the penalty area is no longer the Portuguese, and it is no longer the first choice for Manchester United.

The benefits of Ronik's four striker system is to increase the no-ball in the restricted area and attack hands. This time, if Maxier chooses the ball (of course his choice is a shot), then C Ronal and Cabani two ribs will come out.

There is only 3 shots in C Roben, 2 times outside in the penalty area, once in the district line, only 1 shot. Relatively, C-Luo has recently been passed to teammates, and it has sent two key passes that brought a shot, while stigting several offensive initiatives.

03. After you don't go to the game, how long does it do?

If you use the four striker system while the Word Work is a failure, then this scene is in situ, let Ronique find the hope of success.

One of Manchester United's four-striker system is a biggest feature of the backfield, which is increased, reducing the midfield promotion. Subsequently, the four attack hands were discharged, and the landscape point of the landscape was added, with a good speed effect, and the opponent is difficult to prevent.

Especially C Ro Ro's score is still very timely (if the Greenwood will feel more obvious), after he passed the ball, Western Hamlian's return power is basically tawned, and 3 people in Manchester United have continued to advance, pass and There are a lot of advice.

This time, Maxier's pass is slightly slightly slightly smaller, and there is an insurance to cause Cabani. However, the success of Manchester United's four forward attack ideas, completely found in this wave of attack.

The last round of the league is also a similar scene. C Luo is a ball after retreat, let the Greenwood baked to break the door Breve Brent Ford.

In the face of Westernham Union, Rashford has harvested the goal data and became the hero of the team. I don't know what C Luo after winning, what kind of taste is in my heart.


Once C Ro Lu, I had a hero who scored in front of the door, and now this glory gives teammates. How long can I try to make a wedding dress in 2 games? At least Manchester United be winning, which is important for the current urgent points to kill the top four. The success or failure of Ronick's tactics, may depends on he can sacrifice and contribute to the team like Messi. How long does this play can be implemented.