Lilad: Team doctors surprised my willpower, never won the group like someone

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Lilad: Team doctors surprised my willpower, never won the group like someone

2022-01-23 18:02:35 27 ℃

The trails of this season have turned directly from the playoffs, and their home star Lrad is even more likely, and now I have suffered from injuries. Now they can say that they have fallen out of the competition. The opportunity, now the pioneers can only be one of the teams that are bullying, but Lillad doesn't think so, in his opinion, as long as you return to health, the pioneers are still the most competitiveness of the alliance. One of the teams.

Recently, the team had rebounded under the Lead of A-Simmus, and Lillad said when talking about this problem. "I think my eyes are very good, because when I started this season. I told the management Simmons' ability to be very strong. He can become a good attack. I think I have the potential of the general manager of the competition. Now my injury is very serious, and the teammates are looking at me when they look at my injury. Surprised by willpower. "

Subsequently, if there is any possibility of competing for better in this season, Lillad said, "I don't think there is such a chance, as long as I stand in this team, then the pioneers will never go. Dry this kind of thing, if the team wants to compete for a better position, then I have lost the meaning of playing, in my opinion, the best requirement, as a athlete, this team as long as I am So, I have always had the hope of winning, this is also the effect of my city, I will never be like some people to win in order to win the group, this is what I have always emphasized. "

The trailer now replaced the main coach this season, the team is now not only lost the original offensive system, but the defensive end is more unproductive. It is completely a situation that is full of people. If Lillad continues to fight for a period of time or the boss of the team The location is to be taken away.