CBA ranking: Guangsha Dasheng stood in the top three Guangdong Sheng Qingdao is expected to come back to the first four mountains

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CBA ranking: Guangsha Dasheng stood in the top three Guangdong Sheng Qingdao is expected to come back to the first four mountains

2022-01-24 00:06:59 55 ℃

The second stage of the CBA regular season, the focus of this round, the Guangdong team won the Qingdao at 98-91, and the 3-game winning victory will also give the Qingdao team.

Qingdao is not a strong team, but the Guangdong team can also be described as a quite difficult, Qingdao has been raised in the season because of the previous losers (Wu Qinglong is also at the edge of the get out of class), and the Guangdong team hopes to take it at the end of the end The two teams didn't want to lose, so Du Feng went out 8 people rotation, the competition Suwei 2 illegally left, the second half became a rotation, reducing young players, defending clumsy players to make mistakes, now It has also become the key to the Guangdong team to win the game.

Wu Qinglong has strengthened the enlightenment of the two defenders of the Guangdong team. The purpose is to prevent the Guangdong team to play a smooth attack and defensive conversion. The audience sent 32 fouls, and the two teams sent 52 fouls (5 of the audience). In violation of violations is a total of 51 free throws.

It is impossible to say that the referee makes it ugly, but this kind of tat strike, the body confrontation is high, it is really prone to foul, and injuries.

The Qingdao, this can be described as a ball, but also hurt people, a big loss, two main Li Yuanyu and Wells have different degrees of injury, Li Yuanyu is hitting the face when he is a rebound, and blood flow on the spot Not far, go directly.

Wells accidentally stepped in the foot of Yi Jianlian in the defensive process, and the feet of the company were also left directly. Sitting in a tear of the troops, there was no return.

Li Yuanyu, the Qingdao team has a main inner rim. Wah can't play. Qingdao team will completely lose the hope of turning over, the performance of Wales is quite good, which is a sharp line of the team. Score, cut 29 points alone, the highest in the audience, another foreign aid Johnson, it is 8 points and 11 rebounds, inferior to a lot.

The Guangdong team is also a huge consumption, 7-8 people's main rotation, and the old will consume very much, Xu Jinde has a cold, hard is to persist in 31 minutes, many times have been killed by Wang Hong, Hong Zhonghua, Yi Jianlian, Zhou Peng And Ren Junfei also played more than 30 minutes.

The competition of the two teams, Wah is a winning score data and losing the game, and Leido casts the ultra-low hit rate of 18 in 18, leaning against the 13-year-11 free throws and a good pass, cutting 19 points 12 rebounds. 9 assists, very like the Shanghai team's Franklin, the score is unstable, but there is also defensive and organizational skills, and Hu Mingxuan and Xu Jie share a lot of organizational tasks. Don't worry to play 8 people.

After two games, Lere's positioning should be more clear. He is suitable for the organization of the striker, but can't let him play again, you must reduce some shots, the key ball, you have to see Wims, Ma There are two bits.

At this point, the Guangdong team scored 6 people, Yi Jianlian received 17 points 11 rebounds, Zhou Peng 11 points, Xu Jie 14 points, Hu Mingxuan 15 points 4 assists, Ren Junfei 10 points 4 rebounds.

Tianjin 115-86 wins Sichuan, successful revenge

In the two teams, Sichuan is a key to the key to Zhang Demago. It is 2 points to win Tianjin. The second stage of the second battle, Zhang Dianliang is still hot, cut down the 22-point 4 rebounds of the career. But it is still difficult to prevent the team.

On the one hand, the team has a major point guard Han Shuo. Han Shuo is not there, the backfinder will be chaotic, and the Sichuan team has handed over 15 mistakes. In fact, Sichuan has also had a back to the back, but The team rented the Shanghai team in the summer of last year, from the current perspective, obvious Sichuan team is big, it should be strong, Yuan Tangwen is now playing the main backplane in Shanghai, and gets a considerable attention of Li Chunjiang. In the case, it is not much likely to come back.

On this other aspect, the Tianjin team is no longer in the same day. They are now three-hit brigade, the tactical characteristics are clear, the first quarter of the whole Huadong fights, as long as there is too much or small win, two or three The double foreign aid will bring the team to play a wave of score, the second section, Sichuan let Tianjin have played a single section 39-12, half behind, and after the fourth quarter is 30+, this Love this scene, Zhou Jinli will also give up the game.

The three-pointer of this Jinzhou Warriors is a 19,50% hit rate in 38. Burton 21 points 9 assists, Rochester 27 points 8 assists, Lin Tingqian 16 points 4 assists, Zhang Zhaoxu 5 points 10 rebounds.

Jilin 104-87 victory in Shanxi, successful revenge

The second game of Feld banned, Simmoss was almost protuble, it seems that the last round of the 48-minute 5 rebound 8 assists is because the defensive defense of Tongyu is too bad, Jilin is a middle The team, Shanxi has won Jilin before, but this Shanxi has played a bleak first chapter of 20-31, the next 8-21, only 35 points in the half, mad, 23 points of Jilin, as a three-point The team, Shanxi played the worst half-site offensive performance.

The problem is in the defender, and the Emperor will hurt the Heda, Yang Xuezeng directly let the defender of Zhou Zhandong and the bench at the end of the guard, the two are not good at score, Cao Fei is not a body 2 No speed, the result is that the defensive end is directly opened, Jiang Weizhu, which is exclaimed, half of Jiang Weizhu cut 20 points, Jilin team gave him a big pit.

In the second half, Yang Xue has increased the snow to hide Cao Fei. He continued to let Zhou Zhandong maintained, Simons reduced the ball, the situation has improved, and the second half of Simmons finally broke out, once the team was twice in the fourth quarter to catch up to 12 points, but, Still that reason, this Shanxi team's external defense is too bad. The outside of Jilin team can't prevent Jiang Weizhu and Jones (Zhang Ning also can't prevent), this, small ginger fires all open, three points 17 in 9, cut down the 36 points of 36 points of the career, 3 rebounds, Jones also have 18 points 11 rebounds 17 assists three double data, Jiang Yuxing is 22 points and 8 rebounds, Jilin outlets three major guns, with a total bomb 76 points.

Shanxi offensive constipation, the fundamental reason lies in this team that the team has no Fernard, their local players are configured, and there is really a babysitter guard (Field = Paul) that can be transmitted to the rhythm (Field = Paul) in the system. The play style is not suitable for Shanxi, can't stand the role of the ball line. He is still a scaled hand, but he wants him as the main control of Jones, it is difficult for him.

Beijing Shougang 106-86 victory in Fujian, successful revenge

The last time two teams held a hand, Beijing Shougang was in Fujian, 111-113 double plus, after the foreign aid, the protagonist became a dialogue between foreign aid, and the League super score Wang Gao Deng pair's first steel abuse Master Gibson, Gao Dend 15, 7 cutting 23 points 2 rebounds 10 assists, Gibson is 9 in 5 to get 17 points 7 rebound 7 assists.

On the data, Gibson and Gao Deng gap are not big. It is not that the Deng Gore is defeated by the high-profile, but the Fujian team really can't help but hit it. After the first steel bombarded a 42-19, there will be lost in the game. Suspected, Gao Deng hit the end of the third section, Fujian has been behind the first steel 27 points, plus the high-tech ankle is somewhat uncomfortable, go back to the heavens, simply no longer debut, the competition will become Two teams of the team for meniscus.

At this point, Fan Zi Ming cut 20 points 7 rebounds, Lin Shuhao 13 points 3 assists, Raymond 20 points 6 rebounds, Zhunjun 19 points 10 rebounds, Liji 8 points 5 rebounds 8 assists.

Several games in this round:

North Control 80-85 is fortunate to defeat Liaoning, Liaoning continues to ran out the list;

Guangzhou 116-106 Shandong, Chen Yunjun, Li Fu Zhu Mingzheng three major main chopping 67 points 21 rebound 28 assists;

Jiangsu 80-90 Shenzhen, Shenzhen 3 games ranked in Guangdong;

Zhejiang 85-91 Shanghai, the second battle, Zhejiang, then negotiating Shanghai, throwing the top three;

Ningbo 91-114 Xinjiang, Xinjiang won 3 consecutive victories;

Guangsha 117-95 wins the same, the same, the old man, Feng Xin, bursting 18 points, 8 assists, the old people, Tongyi 23 loses.

The latest standings ranking is as follows:

The first four positions of the team Shanghai and Zhejiang have experienced a list of two qualified wars, and finally, the highest in Shanghai has taken the first two positions in the season of double killing Zhejiang, and Zhejiang slipped to fourth.

There are 2 rounds left in the second stage of the league, the top four qualifications, only the top of Liaoning is the most stable, the last round of the Shanghai will play Guangdong, the loss will not be known, if you win, you will define the second, but if you lose Guangdong, then Shanghai will slip enough to the third (next round of Shanghai to fight the Qingdao, basically won).

The Zhejiang team is currently not full of the next two wheels, you can keep the top four, otherwise it is possible to be overchald by the Guangdong team.

Guangsha is the top four positions, even if the last two rounds of land failure will not lose the top four.

The Guangdong team wanted to enter the top four, the first condition is that the team has won two consecutive winning, and the Zhejiang team has lost, of course, the opportunity is not too big, but it is also necessary to work hard.

Shougang wins, this round of Guangzhou is still the 9th, but in the battle for the first 8 positions, the Guangzhou team also occupies a certain initiative. Shanxi is defeated, the seventh place has been in jeopardy, the next round they have to directly fight against Guangzhou As long as the loss is lost, you will drop out the first 7.

The next round of the opponent is Tianjin. The last round of Shougang lost to the outside of the three-point fiery, this two battle, for Shougang, the same is not very good.