The towel does not let the eyebrow, the body body is not too

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The towel does not let the eyebrow, the body body is not too

2022-01-24 00:06:16 36 ℃


⚘ 窝 料: Homemade ་ ·· ᗦ↞◃

Location: Sancha Lake

⚘⚘ ⚘:: The environment is responsible

⚘口 号: Usual heart is not available


[Fishing station]

(ૢ⁼̴̤̆ ꇴ ⁼̴̤̆ ૢ) ~ ෆ is a new wave of freshly released ~

I used to be used in the past, I also threw it, I also pickedly, in order not to waste my hard work, precise amount, one pack is enough, haha



9 (• ̤ᵕ • ̤ ̤) ᵒᵏᵎᵎᵎᵎ I bought trousers, I'm a good fishing point, ready for a big job.

I don't know which planets of the foreign objects come, hurry, hurry, the people don't welcome you!

After finishing, the test rod actually ten pieces of nine hanging ~

Oh, light is a place.

Thank you very much for your help, hard is busy for more than an hour.

I am definitely a winning, this is a "ebony" "ebony" in silence.

(ง ˃ꄃ˂) 6 Go back to the dressup to prepare a fishing station ~

My guard team, I don't know, I don't know, haha.

,, This is the big white or the first time, and the body shape is still a lot of black.

Suriety's flowers bloom alone in the unknown place, no flowers and four, don't fight, quiet, quiet ...

I heard that you bite the stranger before, people sewn the five-needle, the girl, gentle, scared, don't you be scared, do you know?

Give you the nest, you are waiting, you will fish with me.

It used to borrow others, this first assembly, still a half day ~ [脸]

Try the water depth, the foot is fast 80 cm, it is the left low, the right side is high (≖_≖)

It's too hard to talk about my newcomer.

The adjustment of the two sides, seemingly simple, encountered this underground is uneven, it is really tired, more than two hours, the fishing platform is not high enough, but it is very unstable, it is very unstable, and there is no way. , Left before the limit ...

At this moment, I didn't want to move in the water. When I was prepared to go on the shore, I took a foot on the shore. I didn't expect that big white dog ran to the front. Is it ready to fish? Haha ~

I have, hurry back to change, keep warm, do something delicious, I have a strength at night.

I don't want to do soup, I am serious, I have to take a rest.

The fishing station is still a little virtual

A wave of waves of the little scorpion live, at this moment, I don't want to come to the big goods, this fishing station I can only follow the rules.

The fishing platform will be awkward, you will not have to hold it up, so I am so touched ~

Big white, you are very big, so there is a tired on the wooden board behind my body ~ can't catch it.

The more you catch, the more you can't get it, you are too tired, and you will be gently relying on my back ...

I also try to get the fish in the waves, let it rely on ...

The water temperature in the evening is getting up, can't catch the mouth, I will eat this, you know how O (❛ᴗ❛) O

The big white is too long, can't support it, and I sleep in my guard team.

* ⸜ (• ᴗ •) ⸝ * I wish you all a happy new year

See Ya ~