Messi will hit the Oolong, and the league is still only 1 goal!Benzema: Maxi does not understand the ball

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Messi will hit the Oolong, and the league is still only 1 goal!Benzema: Maxi does not understand the ball

2022-01-24 12:05:19 41 ℃

Beijing time on January 24th in the early morning of January 24th, Paris Saint-Germain was at home. In the end, Messi infected with new crown was on the 63rd minute, he assisted teammate to make a mullant ball, and therefore announced the recall of "Mei Boss".

In the first half, Villai rejection, Big Paris 1 to 0 leads. In the second half, Ramos shot his own rejection, and scored him in the born ball in the law. But the big Paris in the last half, obviously played some charters.

Although Messi is less than half an hour, the entire scene of Big Paris is obviously starting, the next half of the team is connected to 3 goals - although Messi does not go into the ball, but participated in the strategy Vila. , Ultimately, Big Paris 4-0 Gabthns Lans, and still lead the standings in 11 points.

There are some "Mei Hu" to spun it after the game: Messi left Barcelona is the loser, he can't succeed in the Aga!

We first read the situation of Messi came to the big Paris: So far, he has a total of 12 times in the fifak, but there are four or have been replaced early, or the debut.

In this, Messi contributed 1 ball 4 assists in the league, but at the same time, Messi also participated in the manufacture of multiple goals, and in which Messi had 8 shot in the middle of the column, this is also the top five league this season. A record also shows how much Messi is very luck.

However, after coming to the big Paris, Messi has entered 5 balls and 1 assists in the Champions League, and the average of 1.2 goals is obviously the world-class performance!

The big Paris league champion is basically stable. Messi came to the main purpose of Big Paris, just for the higher level of goals: Champions League! With the present performance, how can you easily conclusively, "Messi can't succeed, but is a loser"?

For such criticism, a big opponent from Messi in La Liga - Benzema, recently accepted the "Telefootball" interview with France, and said the topic related to Messi.

Ben Zemma said in an interview: "How can Messi may not succeed? He is now just in the aden, although there is no a lot of balls, but we have to see his performance on the field - you can't criticize the players of Messi, Those who criticize Messi don't understand football at all! "

Who knows football in this world? Of course, between professional players, especially those familiar with each other, such as teammates, such as opponents.

And one of the players who have the most in the career and the Maxi straightforward players: Ben Zemma, obviously have a saying; and as the opponent between the "dead end" team, Benzaba's view, more representative and Convincing - His sentence "Criticism people don't understand the ball", it is estimated that Mei's black people want to scratch, and the face is black!

Messi has always been defined as a pure sense of shooter - although in the past 20 years, the best shooters in the world come with Messi to enter the number of spins, such as entering the king C Luo, such as " "La Wan, such as C Luo left behind the first shooter Benzema, but Messi really did not fall behind these competitors on the goal.

At the same time, we must know that Messi is also an example of the world's football midfielders admiring - Messi is the first person in the "World Best Middle Field" to the "World Best Middle Field": These two are career In the middle, I have been rated as the best midfield in the annual world; 2021 Messi, although he has experienced the shift of the shift, he is still the third place in the world's best midfielder.

In the late Messi, more will be used in the shadow, as the shadow striker, and his grant is placed on the organization, which is why Messi can appear "Assist Hat Drapest" in Big Paris. It is also fully explained that Messi is a "all-round king"!

Messi's success, I really can't use only one data to define; no matter his ball, passing people; passing the ball, organizational; assists, goals ... all are so bright, this is the same, this is the case, this The superstar of the football art master level can also be said to be a world.

Nowadays, I have been 35 years old. We look at the time he playing, and it will only be reduced in a place, so, still cherish it, don't make a brain-free blacken! [Original Review: Yoguo said that it is still]