WTT male single!Wang Chuxin 4-3 Lin Gao Yuanyuan, difficult to win the game to win the men's single champion

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WTT male single!Wang Chuxin 4-3 Lin Gao Yuanyuan, difficult to win the game to win the men's single champion

2022-01-24 12:06:10 43 ℃

2022 Macau Championships, as of January 23, Beijing, this event has been discounted. Xu Wei / Liu Shiwen was defeated in Fan Zhendong / Trumman combination in the final, won the mixed double project champion; Wang Mangyu defeated Liu Shiwen 4-0 in the female san final, thus extracting a female single champion; male single finals in Lin Gaoyuan Between Wang Chuxin, the two sides competed very fierce, and the battle seven games were divided into the victory, Wang Chun laughed to the end.

Men's Sallement: Lin Gaoyuan 3-4 Wang Chuxin

Opening Wang Chunchi first scored first, quickly lost back; then the continuity of the two sides repeat the front situation, and the score came to 4 levels. After that, Wang Chuxin seized the opportunity to serve, forcing Lin Gaoyuan to make a mistake, thus got 7-4 lead; then Lin Gaoyuan gave anti-hand profit, thus pulled 1 point. Then both sides occupy the wind, steady leading situation; Lin Gaoyuan immediately changed strongly, thus biting the score to 6-8. Afterwards, Wang Chuxi once again grasped the serve, and even won the bureau at 10-6; then Lin Gaoyuan used the serve to chase 2 points, Wang Chuxin's key chance did not waste, thus winning the first place in 11-8.

The Second Bureau Wang Chuxin is not good, and the quality of the shot is good; and Lin Gaoyuan continues to turn backwards. After that, Wang Chun lost 1 point, Lin Gaoyuan took the initiative to attack the profit, thereby recovered the score; Wang Chuqin judged in place, the ball was strong, and the rewrite scored 7-4 lead. Then both sides accounted for the wind, and can eat the serve at the critical moment, so that the score is still behind; then Lin Gaoyuan accelerates anti-hands attack, and finally chasing the score to catch up with 9. After that, Wang Chuxin turned back to the board, Lin Gaoyuan got a bureau; then Wang Chiqin made the same mistake, Lin Gaoyuan won the total score of the winning points in 11-9.

The third party Wang Chuxin wipped the ball score, Lin Gaoyuan lost his mistakes; then Wang Chun Qin was lost, and the Larin was re-lost, and Wang Chuxin 3-1 is leading. Then, both sides alternately, each has a mistake, followed by Lin Gao Yuan, strong attack, Wang Chuqin offensive adjustment, the score came 5 flat. At the crucial moment, Wang Chiqin continuously planted, and once again achieved leading position; Lin Gao Yuan will bite the score, quickly chase 7 flat. After that, Lin Gao Yuan seems to be more decisive, but the quality of the shot cannot be guaranteed, and the key points are left behind by the resulting key points; then the Queang Chuqin once again seizes the high quality, thereby winning the third game in 11-9, total score 2-1 leading.

The Fourth Bureau Wang Chuxin started very fierce, Lin Gao Yuan seems to be in the previous lost, so that the opening of the game has lost 3 points; then Lin Gao Yuan has finally scored the leader, and will continue to chase 2 points. After that, Wang Chuxin screwed to Lisan, Lin Gaoyuan changed the number of roads, and forced the opponent to fail, so that the opposite of 5-4; then Lin Gaoyuan crossed the opponent, and promoted the score to 7-5 leading. Subsequent Wang Chuxi quickly saved the situation, and even won 4 points to get 9-7 lead; then Lin Gaoyuan decided to attack, and even chased 7 levels. The key division Wang Chuqin took the initiative to get started, and he can turn it back to return; Lin Gaoyuan seized the opportunity to reverse the bureau, and won the opponent to win, win the fourth game with 12-10.

The Fifth Bureau Wang Chuxi once again opened the way, and even had 2 points to lead; then Lin Gaoyuan grabbed the serve, quickly chasing 2 flat. Then Wang Chin's key is stable, thereby advanced to 5-3 lead; Lin Gaoyuan's key to the light, even 3 points to achieve transcende; close to Lin Gaoyuan key luck ball score, advancement to 8-5 leading situation is beneficial. After that, Wang Chuxin once again took the initiative to attack, and two consecutive boards will be biting them; Lin Gaoyuan suspends adjustment to receive the effect, the keyboard is taken, and the net luck is profitable, and the bureau is obtained at 10-7. Subsequent Wang Chuqin chased 2 points, the key round Wang Chifin mistakes, Lin Gaoyuan has a victory with 11-9, and the total score is more than 3-2 lead.

The sixth bureau is gornes up to send 1 point, followed by the wonderful rollover, and the consecutive trend is superior; then Wang Chuqin is decisive, and it has been promoted to 4-2 lead. Subsequent Wang Chin's mistakes, and the continuity mistakes, Lin Gaoyuan is more than 5-4; keeping the Gao Yuanyuan maintained momentum, Wang Chuqin is still not guaranteed, 4-7 behind the situation. After that, Lin Gao Yuan was champion, and Wang Chuqin sent back quickly; then Wang Chuxin stabilized his mentality, Lin Gaoyuan shot an urgent lifting loss. Wang Chuqin won the bureau at 10-8, and Lin Gaoyuan returned to God to return the bureau, and the key to gain the game with 11-10; then Lin Gao Yuan's mistake, resulting in 12-14 Drop the sixth game.

Wang Chuqin, who was in the Decreasing Bureau, was in a hurry, and the opening of the opening is not high, so that the score is 1-3 behind; then Wang Chuxin stabilizes the situation, and the continuous critical side will attack the following points, quickly chase 3 flat. Then the two sides have formed, continuously push into the order, the two sides rapidly advance to 6 flat, and the competition is very glued. After that, the two sides continued to worn, and the score came to 9 flat; then Wang Chun won the key points to win the game, and the chance will take 11-9, thus win the game with a total score 4-3.

At this point, Wang Chuxin defeated Lin Gaoyuan in 4-3 and won the WTT Macau Champion Men's Single Champion.