Premier League - Robertson Double-Waitan Dick Construction Function Bi Ni Oiji Red Army 3-1 Crystal Palace is 9 points from Manchester City

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Premier League - Robertson Double-Waitan Dick Construction Function Bi Ni Oiji Red Army 3-1 Crystal Palace is 9 points from Manchester City

2022-01-24 12:05:29 39 ℃

Live Bar January 23, Beijing time, January 23, 22:00, 2021/22 Sales Ying League 23rd-year-old smoke, the Crystal Palace is the challenge of luxury Liverpool. The first half of the Vandik is broken, and Zhang Bolun scanned and then a city, Alicison repeatedly saved. In the second half, Edward pulled back to a city, before the final field, Fati Niki and the victory. At the end of the game, the ultimate Liverpool 3-1 Crystal Palace.

The main team Crystal Palace This season, the 25th round of the game, one game, 5 wins, 9 flat, 7 meters, 24 points, League list 13, the team last weekend league 1-1-level mid-tour team Brighton, nearly 6 games Premier League has achieved stable performance of 2 wins and 2 flat 2. The number of 22 rounds of Levilool will be 45 points in the session, but the top behind the top of Manchester City, the team will win the weekend league 3-0 wins the labeling of Ma Blackteford, nearly 4 rounds 1 win 2 flat 1 negative, the performance is slightly struggling.

The main tribute, the game officially started. In the 5th minute, the bottom line of the big restricted area left position Jones fell the ball back, the middle road position followed by the Robertson to the ball directly, the ball power was slightly higher than the ball. ↓

In the 8th minute, Liverpool got a leader, the left corner, Robertson opened the hanging area, where Fan Dick opened the defensive player, the top of the top, the ball speed, the ball, the left side of the goal, Liverpool 1-0 lead. ↓

In the 11th minute, the frontcourt left Robertson ribs position 45 degrees horn started, after the penalty area, Zhang Bollen followed into the ball cushion to shoot the door, the ball hit the right side net. ↓

In the 21st minute, the Crystal Palace launched a quick counterattack, the frontcourt right road Ward low plane ball crossbike zone, Middle Road followed by Matta welcomes the ball directly into the door, the ball was thrown out by Alicison, the assistant referee also lifted Sign Wando has been in advance. ↓

In the 24th minute, Henderson near the left bottom line of the big restricted area will do the ball back, and the small restricted area will go back in the triangle and return to the middle, followed by Fati, the ball directly, the ball, the ball flying high Go on the door. ↓

In the 31st minute, the frontcourt left Robertson observed teammate positions to transfer the ball back to the penalty area, followed by Zhang Bolun's chest stopped, directly left foot and screaming, the ball from Guyta small door into the ball, Liverpool 2-0 expands the leading advantage. ↓

In the 36th minute, the frontcourt Right Road Matta was low-level ball sweeping the penalty area. Galagle turned around the middle road, and the ball was confiscated by Alicers, the Crystal Palace was wrong. In the 39th minute, Liverpool's backfield turned the ball, the ball was built into the penalty area after being steal, and the right foot was swayed directly to the front of the right foot. ↓

In the 41st minute, the front of the right road Olis went down the ball to find the outward Matta, Matta got a single knife, the fake move swayed Alicison push-up, the ball flying in the process of Alicison It will encounter, biased the left column, and Liverpool escaped. ↓

Half the battle, Liverpool 2-0 leading Crystal Palace.

Easy to fight again, the 46th minute, the frontcourt middle road Edward multi-pointed ball right side, Olis followed the ball swaying out of the air, the anti-blocks, the anti-zone followed by Galagle, the ball Left column. ↓

Just 1 minute later, the front of the right road Olis snoring, the left side of the penalty area, the Schluo head ball is ferrous, followed by Edward multi-back to the ball door, the ball was confiscated by Alicers. ↓

In the 52nd minute, the front of the right road Zhang Bolun raised, the middle of the Zhuangwudson was shouted after the district, and the left foot was shouted and the ball was slightly biased. ↓

In the 54th minute, the Crystal Palace rushed back to a while, and the medium near Schluop was brought to the front field. Mattta got a single-knife, and the attack on the left side of the penalty area, followed by Edward more relaxed Pushing empty doors, the ratio is 2-1. ↓

In the 57th minute, the frontal road position Crystal palace is broken, Anderson's television is moving out of the air, and the ball is very threatened slightly slightly out of the left column. ↓

In the 69th minute, the frontcourt left Schluop scored the front side of Ezaw, and Ezedecen, Schluop, the latter, the left foot, the left foot small angle, the left foot small angle, the ball is playing Left side net. ↓

In the 82nd minute, the launch of Anderson was led to Alis, and the frontcourt position Olis was inserted into the middle of the road without the ball. The foot is shot. The ball is blocked by Alicers. ↓

In the 86th minute, Rui Tower collisions in Crystal Palace, and Guayuta, the main referee returned to VAR, and finally fined Liverpool to get some ball, Finnio took the right lower right corner of the ball, Liverpool 3-1 locked the victory. ↓

After 6 minutes, the game is over, the final Liverpool 3-1 Crystal Palace.

Both parties match lineup:

Crystal Palace 1: 13 - Guaya, 2-Joel Ward, 3-Mitchell, 6-Mark Gy, 16-Jojim - Anderson, 12-Wil Hug (77'9- Jordan - Aui), 15-Schluop, 23-Galagal, 7-Olis, 14-Matta (77'20-Bentke), 22-Edward (67'10-Egypt Ze)

Substitute does not appear: 1-Bartland, 17-Klein, 34-Martin-Kelly, 36-N-Ferguson, 4-Miriwo Yevich, 44-Reedwald

Liverpool starting: 1-Alison, 4-Vision, 26-Robertson, 32-Martup, 66-Arnold (91'12-Joe-Gomez), 3-Fabi Nio, 14-Henderson15-Zhang Bollen (60'18-Nano Tuo), 17-Curtis Jones, 9-PhiMino (89'7-Milner), 20-Roker Repair: 62-Kailhch, 5-Cotat, 21-Zhemecas, 76-Internal Medicine-Williams, 80-Morton, 49-Gordon