Three news: Real Madrid Bassada agreement, Wu Lei is going to progress, C Luo is dissatisfied with 20 years old

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Three news: Real Madrid Bassada agreement, Wu Lei is going to progress, C Luo is dissatisfied with 20 years old

2022-01-24 12:06:51 50 ℃

The first news Real Madrid and Barcelona have reached a gentleman agreement, mutual rejuvenation, and the Fioco incident became a singer.

Since La Port Tower re-on-standing, his decisions relies on Sports Director of Alamanni, with Cleaning Messi, Glesman, Kutenio, with Boskitz, Pique, Alone The three captains of the Pakistan achieved pay salary, and introduced high-priced new aids, Torres, etc. It can be said that Barcelona is a professional thing, the team under the leadership of Harvey, although almost four major empty, only the Si A, four and the European Union Cup, but Barcelona walked on the correct road.

The main task of La Porta seems to be more controlled in generous, especially the secret talks with Real Madrid's Florentino. I believe that many people remember that after Barcelona is unable to complete the renewal with Messi, La Portta is dinner with Florentino, and it is considered to be Robertta listen to Florentino. suggestion. Although Barcelona and Real Madrid are dead, but in the case of two teams, there is a serious economic crisis, the two have to stand together, and jointly plan the European Super League and other events.

It can be seen that while Barcelona and Real Madrid maintain competitive relationships, the two heavyweight characters have a better future for two major giants. However, in terms of grades, Real Madrid is already a rider, not only has the opportunity to achieve the Weiye of the four crown of the single season, but will soon ushered to join Mbpe, and even Hallant's initiative. Barmaramid Mazhuang, the young lack of experience, Barcelona formed a distinct contrast, and Barcelona is expected to be fully suppressed by Real Madrid in the next few years.

At this time, Florentino has reached an agreement in Florentino, and both sides don't want the other party's players, especially the core level, unless the contract is coming, otherwise both sides will not Digute the individual players. For example, it is unwilling to renew the contract, and the contract is about to expire. Real Madrid is accessible and signed. But similar to Barcelona newly defense core Alexo, Real Madrid is really intended to introduce, but according to the gentleman agreement, Real Madrid can only hope.

Preliminary guess, this agreement should be made by Florentino. He combines that he hopes that Hallant and Mbpe don't want to be effective at the emperor. It is best to join Barcelona, ​​let the country Germany will now C Luo War Messi Classic scenes, more proven that Florentino is a gentleman agreement with each other. It can be said that Figong incident will not be reproduced, Barcelona and Real Madrid will work well. In fact, the significance of achieving such an agreement is not big. After all, Real Madrid can't see the players of Barcelona, ​​Barcelona can't afford the players of Real Madrid.

The second message is that Wu Lei basically sits on the bench, the Spaniards first responded to the transfer rumor, and Wu Lei's go finally progressed.

As Wu Lei departed and the national football team, he could show his ability on the stage of the 12th game. The national football is only able to rely on Wu Lei to go to the ball, and Wu Lei also urgently needs such a formal game to solve the solution. Wu Lei currently in Spaniards is helpless, but it is very reasonable. His appearance in the front position has been ranked at the end. Only two situations are Wu Lei to play, that is, the team does not have a striker available or the team needs all the forwards to chase the score.

In the European Five League playing, the strength said, Wu Lei's running position and enthusiasm are undoubted, but the Spaniard thinks his ability can only be placed at the end, and it is really only to sit on the bench. Due to Wu Lei's contracts for 2 years, can they leave the team, you must see if the new East can meet the Spanish transfer fee requirements. That is, the Spaniards are not letting people. Just in the past, there was a news that La Line Weak Brigade hopes to introduce Wu Lei to help the team level, and will also provide military opportunities for Wu Lei.

However, the Spaniards responded to Wuxi's transfer rumor. They said that there is no quote about Wu Lei. As for Alavis, it is really interested in Wu Lei. It is now difficult to agree, at least Spaniaries will not take the initiative to go away from Wu Lei without any buyer's quote. Wu Lei has never said that we have to leave Spaniaries, everything is the media speech of our media, think that Wu Lei should go.

It can be said that the state of the Spanish is also a representative of Wu Lei's go to have a new progress, which will continue to stay in the event this season. Some sounds hope that Wu Lei should return to the Shanghai Harbor team, but Wu Lei should do not want to end the Yangshi. It can be seen from the recent movement from the Harbor Team that the team actually does not intend to buy Wu Lei, because they are digging their roles of the two Super Championship teams, such as Xu Xin, Zhang Linyi and Jiang Guangtai.

The Harbor team has a ambition to continue to compete for the Super Championship, so the focus is the first national football team, and the future will consider the core Wu Lei, which is also demonstrated from the side to continue the Ocean. In fact, from the perspective of players transfer, I have to consider their lives, and Wu Lei's children are reading in Barcelona, ​​temporarily still staying in Spain. Especially the time in the winter transfer market is not much time, Wu Lei will not come to see other teams. It is a matter of urgency, he should adjust his mentality to the national football team to continue the goal in the 12th, then the Spaniards continue to wait for the opportunity to come.

The third message is that C Luo continues to go to the ball, suspected of 20 years old, the core of the heart, the core strive affects Manchester's four.

The world-class namedones will win, whether 4222 or 424 firing, he can examine the federation of Manchester United, although the goal is still not much, but Manchester United is also defeated to fight the main opponent Westernham. The problem between Rannick and C Ro seems to have been solved, both of them are sex, the last game has been replaced, but the core of Manchester United is more and more intense. . This game, fortunately with C Luo partner is two young teenagers, one of which is known as the core of Manchester United's core, and he is squeezing into Manchester United, so it is quite not easy, so I will definitely express myself. However, Greenwood's hurricane has always been a double-edged sword, and it can be broken when the state is good. When the state is not good, you can also have a dragon, but it is basically a one that ended Manchester United.

Previously, there was news that Greenwood was dissatisfied with C Ro Luo and snatched his core position, once required to leave the team. Greenwood on the field is also very unhappy to pass the ball to C Luo. This scene has happened in the game against the Westham. In the 10 minutes of opening, Greenwood saw that the C Luo holder had to play the ball, and he chose forced breakthrough and shot. Greenwood is reactive.

C Luo should be more dissatisfied with Greenwood, and the handsome hands are very disappointed. We are not C Roen, only to interpret it as a suspected dissatisfaction, at least from the perspective of the game, Greenwood should not ignore the ball requirements of C Ro. This game, Ronik chooses the front line of Greenwood, and finally sacrificed the 424 strong striking formation to complete the killing, obviously who was replaced who is the most embarrassing. Such Greenwood is likely to lose the main position in the next game, and Ronik will definitely see the dissatisfaction of C Luo.

If the contradiction between the dressing room, for Manchester United's disputes, it is not good news. Ronik has publicly let C Luo don't make a lot of emotions, but some players do not cooperate with C Lu Luo, Rannik affirm Will stand on the side of C Luo. Once Greenwood continues to be on the bench, it is difficult to contribute all the power at the critical time, and Manchester United is equivalent to self-loss. C Ron is undoubtedly the core of Manchester United. Greenwood can be able to squand in his own mentality. After all, it is only 20 years old. The future is yours, now it is better to cooperate with C Luo as a policy.