Han Dejun officially apologizes!Zhang Tanglin's latest injury, Guangdong Hongyuan or the biggest winner

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Han Dejun officially apologizes!Zhang Tanglin's latest injury, Guangdong Hongyuan or the biggest winner

2022-01-24 18:06:06 47 ℃

Recently, many fans are still concerned about Han Dejun's latest situation. This excellent player has encountered a serious injury of nasal fractures and eye red swelling in front of the Guangdong team, causing many media concerns, and fans are big Han's injury is very worried, because Handon's current age is already bigger, if there is a serious injury, he will be able to choose to retire directly, will not continue to participate in the competition, and recently Han Dunnun has returned to Liaoning Acceptance .

He said in an interview that he should play a player as a player, rather than impulsive, some actions that do not meet the player's behavior. Han Dejun also expressed his apology to the fans of the Liaoning team. It was Wims's player's black hand on Han Dejun, so the honestone of Han Dejun has an angry emotion.

After Han Dejun officially apologized, many fans still did not still have to be ignorant to Wims's players. They think that if Wims is hitting the nose of Han Dejun on the field, then all things will not happen, the team will normal Operation, and in the case of Han Dejun, the Liaoning team will not be able to transfer to the Xinjiang team.

In the 20th, the Liaoning team lost to the Xinjiang team with 22 points, so that everyone sighed, in Section 3 in the game, Zhang Tanglin suffered an ankle sprain, when he fell down, Holding his own ankle, making many fans very worried, everyone thinks that there is a problem in the bamboo tendon, and according to the latest situation, Zhang Tanglin itself does not have a particularly serious injury, just a simple sprain.

This is already unfortunately, the current Liaoning team has a lot of crises, which is very unfavorable for the team's next development. If the team continues to lift, Guangdong Hongyuan team or will become the biggest winner, because they have rich experience in winning, and most of the players have kept healthy body, hoping in the next game, Liaoning Teams and Guangdong teams can achieve good results, and they are expected that they can meet in the season, showing powerful strength.