Officially leave!Exposure CBA big-name foreign aid is sicking, Liu Weiwei squatting, Zhejiang team is looking for

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Officially leave!Exposure CBA big-name foreign aid is sicking, Liu Weiwei squatting, Zhejiang team is looking for

2022-01-24 18:05:40 38 ℃

"My club and Morris-Edo have maintained a positive communication, but in view of the do not understand the CBA isolation policy, I can't go to the domestic participation in the competition." Many fans ask Morris - Wen Duo, Zhejiang Ewei Basketball The club specially issued a debt fans, and XD thinks that the isolation time is too long, and can't stand the game, so it will not come, Ando has joined other league. Erdo didn't come, the big-name foreign aid in the Zhejiang team, Eric Green, the situation is very bad, the Zhejiang team will cut Green, and the appropriate foreign aid will be looking for.

When the media exposed the Zhejiang team to sign Eric-Green, the outside world was very unlikely, Eric Green name was really large, once played in NBA, but in CBA performance, I was cut off for the Fujian team in the 19-20 season. At present, Green has played 3 games for the Zhejiang team. Only 10 points, 3.7 rebounds 1.7 assists, and the shooting rate is only 31%, and the three-pointer intermediate rate is only 14.3%; in the Zhejiang team 108-68 victory, Jiangsu team, Liu Weiwei deliberately let Green go to find a state, 18 votes only 6, three-pointers 9 in the three, completely to let him brush data, get 21 points.

The Zhejiang team was played by the Shanghai team to complete 19 points, Green only hits 5 minutes, 3 casts 0, no score. After Liu Weiwei, after communicating with the coaching group and management, I decided to replace Eric Green, and the power did not reach the Zhejiang team's requirements. The Zhejiang team has lost 6 games, and this 6 games are lost to the Shanghai team (2 times), Guangdong team, Shenzhen team, Beijing team, Guangzhou team, the strong team encountered basically lost, currently Haven't hit Zhejiang Guangshan, Liaoning team, is estimated to be difficult to win.

Zhejiang team attracted blocked, it is not willing to come, and the small foreign aid will not work, and now only Lakco Sevic is good. The defensive efficiency of the Zhejiang team is the first in the alliance. The second phase of the game is over, the third stage must also be advanced, if the Zhejiang team can't find the right small foreign aid, this season is not expected!