CCTV lived in Liaoning, the Trip, Yang Ming, the end of the emperor, also became the core, Liu Zhixuan was discarded

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CCTV lived in Liaoning, the Trip, Yang Ming, the end of the emperor, also became the core, Liu Zhixuan was discarded

2022-01-24 18:06:11 46 ℃

The CBA regular season is only 2 games today, namely Zhejiang against Shenzhen, Liaoning against Ningbo. Liaoning's competition in Ningbo will start at 19:30 tonight, and Liaoning's overall strength is still above Ningbo. The game Yang Ming will make a certain adjustment for the lineup. In addition to the banned Handejun, Guo Allen, who is getting a 30-minute in front of the North Control. Guo Allen will take a round, and the injured Zhang Zhenlin will continue to lack, and it is expected that Zhao Jiwei is expected to be Zhao Jiwei. Take a youngman to play this game.

Today's list includes: Li Xiaoxu, Moran, Zhao Jiwei, Junting Chen, Fuhao, Fuge, Yu Zechen, Zhu Rongzhen, Yuandu, Wu Changze, Zhou Juncheng. In the case of Guo Allen, it is estimated that he will be reused. After the end, I haven't trained value. At present, he can't settle in the 1st, and the performance of the drill breakthrough is almost no. He is present on Liaoning without a fast attack. In the face of the general defender, he does not dare to move the ball. It is not aware of the awareness of 14 seconds.

It is better to give some opportunities to other teenagers with their trust. Zhou Junchen, the guard line, is actually very potential, and this is better than the defending. As of now, every game in Zhou Junchen, can take the next offensive rebound. His enthusiasm is that there is no way to get the Qiqi. In addition, the teenager Yu Zechen also entered the rotation lineup of the old man Liu Zhixuan. Yu Zechen has played 10 minutes in this season, and it contributed 3 points. This is also his career in the first season.

For the North-controlled competition, he underated him all his body. He looked away from him three points directly. When you chased the attack, he took the bottom angle. The steps of the vacancy, direct investment, the young people have a vision, the choice of this moment is also right, just try to make a good mens. The Liaoshu Tunnel lacks such a decisive shooter, and the Ming Ming has trained for many years, and this year is a bit a bit. The characteristics of the basic pitcher of Yu Zechen have the characteristics of the three points, and the psychological quality is also strong. The exercise ability is good, and an excellent pitcher is the basic quality.

At present, Zhang Tanglin has developed some stagnation. Playing 3 oysters is not good, fight 4, no strength is afraid of confrontation. It may be a 3D developed to Zhou Peng in the future, but Golden defense is not very good. I hope to practice more, I will come back to the next season!