I didn't return for two years, he wants to return to the family to listen to the family in the countryside.

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I didn't return for two years, he wants to return to the family to listen to the family in the countryside.

2022-01-25 00:04:53 42 ℃

Reporter Cheng Shin reported past 2021 season, Super League newcomers for many terms, is a special experience. Abrar Khan early last year to join the Shanghai harbor from the Henan team, ushered in the Super League at the child on their own in the true sense.

Olympic team to the team from the harbor, took part in the Super League and FA Cup, also on behalf of Shaanxi team won the championship during the Games. Although the final in the league and FA Cup champion missed, but the whole 2021 for Abra Khan is concerned, it is already full harvest. In the beginning of the busy career, he has gradually gained a deeper understanding of the identity of the professional players.

League journey just ended, and immediately Abra sweat in Olympic team training camp two years have not seen his family home, he would like the Chinese New Year, the year of his story telling to his family.

After the end of the FA Cup final, Shanghai seaport team officially ended the 2021 season journey, but for Abra Khan is concerned, the end of the work last season and 2022 new job, seamless connection. After the team returned to Shanghai, he immediately entered into the Olympic team's training camp. Past season, he was busy, and it is substantial, experienced the climax of the Games to win, but also to experience the first time to play Super League stimulus, surprise harvest the league's first goal, but also missed the champion of lost .

Short-term contract in Henan team, Abra Khan has been fought in the Olympic team in the B league, joined the Shanghai harbor early last year when he was just one of the many young players in his own view, their are still many deficiencies, heart While the desire to have a top-flight appearances, but can not imagine what that day will come in time. Harbor bitter training, he almost always maintained a high intensity training every day, players were also observed around is how to do, how to practice. Until the first and Tianjin Jinmen Hu game he learned that he was starting the next day, the first time it will be news to parents as far away as Xinjiang.

He has said that his parents just very ordinary pair of Xinjiang farming couple, football for them too far. After he went to Shanghai, to the family bought a TV, let my brother taught parents to use smart phones, and he can video chat, can also use the phone to watch. Among the care of all, he finally reached the Super League stage. Super platform for him, is a strange and has been eager to platform, Lecco coach in the new season dare to enable young players, give a lot of young players, including Abra, including a lot of sweat debut opportunity. Abu always have in mind the club and the coach said to him, listening to requirements, practice hard, play well. Every time debut, he will seize the opportunity.

He remembered the first time before starting, Amat Jiang As I had expected that he may be nervous, to find him talking with him, said:. "OK, let go play on the line, do not be too excited," he remembers, every outside the game, there are parents waiting in front of the TV. Once he has gone down injured in the scraping can not afford, under parents so he forgot he could not answer the phone in the game, after the game to see dozens of missed calls when Abu heart was warm and sad.

The first Super League goal comes, Abu own recollection of the night. Because he is more defensive tasks in the field, my mind always remember the coach accountable task is to make him the midfielder barrier, can not lose the ball. So, when the opportunity to harvest goals, his mood no words to describe.

In addition to the first landing super, super first goal at harvest than last season, Abra Khan went through a lot of big scenes not previously experienced. And Shanghai, "Shanghai derby" between Shenhua and Shandong Taishan team's FA Cup and the championship, he said that the two teams are very strong, he will get the first tension, but with the deepening of the season, these were not previously experienced after dare to imagine the game, whether in mind or on coping ability, he has the experience and confidence.

Last year in the league intermittent period, Abra Khan on behalf of Shaanxi team took part in the annual National Games four years. He was also the first time to participate in the National Games, he still belongs in the team of older, it has thus become the captain. Under his leadership, the Shaanxi team all the way to triumph and eventually reached the final. And Chongqing team in the duel, both sides fight to a penalty, Shaanxi team withstood the pressure to win on penalties to win the championship.

This is the first National Games champion Abra Khan, he happily biting gold medal, taking lots of pictures, but also his excitement the first time sent to the micro-blog to share. But in fact, no amount of language can not describe the excitement that go win.

After experienced the taste of the championship, you want more titles, this is his most realistic idea. In fact, in the 2021 season, the team is a strong contender harbor League and FA Cup champion, but for various reasons, people do not encounter the same problem neat. It has also become Abrar Khan in the past year, leaving regret.

The absence of foreign aid does give the team a big impact, not only harbor the team, the other team Super League last year also encountered the same problem. But Abu see is that domestic players have the other team's strength and hard work, he did not relax the daily training. Harbor team this year also enabled a lot of young players, sometimes he will be replaced by other players, but in his view, this squad is healthy competition in fact we unite performance. He could have more opportunities to learn and perspective to observe, to discover their own shortcomings and advantages.

The League lost the championship, and the Harbor team put the final goal in the Football Association. They arrived in the Chengdu Phoenix Mountain Stadium. Abra Khan said, that is his first time to see such a beautiful football field, if you can win a champion there, will it be a good thing. That game, he did not play, but he was also his most memorable game this season. That final, the number of foreign aids was in a disadvantaged harbor actually played, the 80th minute of the competition, Levo let Abra Khan go to warm-up activities to prepare for the game. Unexpectedly, the last Jedsong scored the world wave of the stone, and Abra Khan did not appear. Standing on the field, Xinjiang guy red eyes, the kind of feeling that he only used "special special heartbreaking" after the game. Later, I came to lead the runner-up medal. Everyone worn out a thick jacket, only his clothes were single, then took off the jacket when he warmd up, then there was no heart to the body and cold, leaving only a regret of a whole season.

But this regret, for him, more excited is the enthusiasm of the new season, all kinds of experience with the entire team with the entire team, let him want to make himself faster in the future, he believes, in the harbor Excellent collective, everyone is fighting side by side, this regret will make up for it.

After the end of the football team, Abra Khan hung went to the National Olympics to participate in the training, he did not reunite with his family as many players. Forgetting, he has not returned home for more than two years.

Retrospecting in the year of the harbor, Abu said that there are many big brothers to take pictures of this brother from the distant Xinjiang, not only giving him a lot of guidance in the training, but also taught him a lot of experience in many games. Of course, there are many help in life. For example, from Xinjiang's buying, I know that Abu has not returned home. I really want to be home, not only often comfort him, and I will also give it to Abu, and Abu will share the food from my family. Give other teammates. On weekdays, buying will also take Abu to fit together, watch other competitions together, this to the friendship of Xinjiang brothers, it is also largely eased the feelings of Abu.

Of course, he didn't forget to thank our agent often visited himself and brought a lot to care and care.

All the year, Abu's training and competition have not stopped, but for your dream, how tired, it is worth doing to exercise, because he will not forget how he is from the desert step to the top league stage . At the time of Abu, the family has been relying on the parents' mother, and his sister is a rural teacher and a party member and a serial floor. Now, Abu is the income of professional players, and has become the pillar of the family. Most of his wages have been hit by home, and they only leave a small part. He usually has no consumption, nor does it buy a brand name, the smallest sister is still going to school, he wants to bear the tuition fees and parents of their sister.

In the distant Kashi Yatti Village, the Abula Khan family weekly family day, is the days of Abu, the whole family will get together to see his game. In the past, his parents did not understand football. Since looked at his first game, there was no missed. There is also a deeper understanding of the cause of your son is engaged in. He harvested the game of the first goal. After his brother, he sent him a photo of the whole family to see his game, and his lovely little nephew. He is happy and sad. He said that mother is old, there are many white hair on his head. Every time I can see my mother's eyes, I want him to go home and don't help you. The young sister is very innocent. "When is the brother back, it is a few years, don't you want me, don't you want my mother?" Abu was very distressed.

Although Abra Khan is chasing their own football dreams from home, he can feel the love from the distant family and friends around. He said, with these, he is enough. Now he is looking forward to going home for the New Year's Eve, if it is able to go back, he will give his parents and a deep hug to the parents, buy a lot of nutrients, give my brother to his jersey, Going to their township's football club, give those children who have a football with him, buy a lot of jerseys, shoes, and talk to everyone, he encounters warm things and warm people in this year.