Green, White Mensmann, the Warriors have a movement?Experts pointed out that there is no need to reinforce the center

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Green, White Mensmann, the Warriors have a movement?Experts pointed out that there is no need to reinforce the center

2022-01-25 00:04:18 43 ℃

The Golden State Warriors' players have already sat in 15 hands to hold the contract, which means that they need to make layoffs or transactions every time they want to adjust the big list. The problem is that every player in the big list seems to have the meaning of the existence, and the Warriors do not seem to have a reason for forgiveness.

But in front of them, the interlocking of the internal roll is very conspicuous. Dreaming Green Because the back is injured, it is still necessary to accept the injury assessment next week to determine when it is able to come out; "big smart" White Mensman has not yet played in the season. As the transaction is gradually approaching, will they choose to reinforce the 5th? From the movement, this seems reasonable.

But from the perspective of experts, the answer is negative. "The Athletic" reporter Anthony-Sletan report showed that "Chasing Dream Green is highly hanging from the wrote on the back of the back, his return schedule is very vague, it is likely to be in the all-star weekend Return. Warriors are time to seek the reinforcement of the center of the center by trading? No, the sources instruct the Warriors' management without any intention to make the five-play rapid increase in the power. "

Sprint told Slette to make the Warriors to make such a judgment of Kemin Rooney for the Warriors for 7 seasons - he has 6 games on the last 9 games. The old minister for the warriors since 19, which has become more and more old. Since the 2015-16 season, Rooney played in Steve Cole, he is familiar with every link in this champion tactics. Perhaps he is not the typical basket of beasts, which can be hit straight in the three seconds. But with Dramond Green is that Kevin Rooney's enthusiasm and high quality of the defensive end are very high in the eyes.

Given the Warriors very dependent on the tactical characteristics of the attack and outside the offense, any players who expect the mid-term transactions in the season can quickly integrate into the team, and play a role in the Cole's tactical system - not to mention is needed to defensive Play the center player in the center of defensive system. Once an unfamiliar-cut internal player is forcibly inserted into the lineup, it will affect the smooth cooperation of other warriors play, affect the chemical reaction of the whole team.

Therefore, the Warriors choose to make a transaction to replenish the 5th bits are so successful. For the dilemma of chasing dream Green and James Whiteman, Steve Cole is also in place: he chooses Kevin Rooney to protect the big flag of the last gate, Rooney is recently Play an increasingly important role in the game. Attack, Do not listening to Outo-Potter, the body-based side-wing players will share part of the inside of the offensive task, use their projection capabilities to improve the offensive space on the Warriors.

Although the status of the library appears up, the recent record of the Warriors is not as bright as this. But in Kevin Rooney, Don't Listening and Otto Potter, their current situation is still steadily. Therefore, it is better to put the center of gravity in the event of a gentleness of the risk, let the victims go back to the court as soon as possible, let Clay, Green, Hu Shisman to find the rhythm of the game as soon as possible. After all, the power of the healthy warriors is not to be underestimated. They are expected to be more brilliant.