Laughing is not alive! Fan Zhendong faces the partner of the partner: it is a bit a bit of a little and not so familiar.

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Laughing is not alive! Fan Zhendong faces the partner of the partner: it is a bit a bit of a little and not so familiar.

2022-01-25 00:04:31 27 ℃

On January 23, on the evening of the 22nd, the WTT Macau Champion has produced the first champion. Zhendong evaluation of teachers and sisters "too don't give face"!

The 17-year-old teenager from the Jiangsu team, the WTT Macau Championship is the first time and Fan Zhendong partner. The two have excellent performance, all the way to the finals, although it will eventually be unvilted, still worthy of being affirmed!

When I came later, the reporter asked two people, "I want to say something to each other, what is the most want to say to East Brother?"

The 17-year-old man seems to have not thought that the reporter will ask this question, and the reaction has been low, "ah? I .."

Subsequently, she fell into a embarrassing silence.

The reporter saw this situation and quickly added, "The east brother came first."

Madman finally appeared as a look.

Fan Zhendong said, "I think, still a little bit slightly."

Maman listened to this, looked at Dong Ge, Fan Zhendong continued, "I may not be so familiar with me. I think it is this feeling."

While talking, Dong Ge was still confident.

蒯 蒯 则 一 不 不 不 不...

In fact, Dong Ge is still very sure, "First, I think this time and Yuman are the first time with mixed doubles. In fact, her performance includes playing, it is beyond my expectation, In fact, I want to say to her, she can be more confident, sometimes I have to believe in myself. Whether it is the previous game or today's game, she has a very bright ball, so she is confident, and another is to consider Again directly. "

When Mandan talked about Dong Ge, "I am very grateful to Dong Ge. I can take me such a good results this time. I have been encouraging me, give me some good suggestions, give me a very heartbeat. "

Seeing this scene, netizens have said, "Sister: Brother ... Keep your face ....." Only the only Note "- ignorant" "Sister is too real, this interview is best to answer, say a happy birthday" "" The most afraid of the air suddenly quiet ... "" "Don't talk" "" East: Sister, we are not familiar I know, "" Sister: This interviewed me to die "" Sister: I am still so awkward "" Hahaha, why is the east brother is laughing but still a little bit of pressure, "" I really laugh If I want to die, I don't dare to open the world. I really don't dare to open the evaluation. "" Help, you know that you are not so familiar, you say people in the "" Man: Save me! Save me! Save me! " "Sister: Who I am here?" "Hahahahahahaha: Quick me!" "Hahahaha, you don't talk to your sister, but also say people in the direction" "Hahahahahahahaha," "Hahahahahahahahaha Yeah, I am laughing. "