Wang Munyi is still criticized by some people.

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Wang Munyi is still criticized by some people.

2022-01-25 00:04:29 29 ℃

Wang Mangyu is still criticized.

Hiding in most people sincere praise, this criticized Wang Mang's voice although zero star stars, it seems that it is not worth mentioning, and it seems that it is more enthusiastic in a group of enthusiasts. When this sound is more prominent and cold! Just like the cold breeze that is scraped from time to time in the North winter street! Let people feel cold!

On January 23, Wang Manyu 4-0 Liu Shiwen won the Macau Championship Championship. After the game, in the face of the host's congratulations and questions, Wang Man said: "I am holding the mentality of learning to the jujube, all the mentality is particularly good! No matter what time, with the jujube, I am holding the attitude of learning. Respect! "

Because this is facing global live broadcast, Wang Mun, so I also showed a word. I hurt me at the time, and hurriedly asked the daughter who watched the ball together. What does this English word mean? The daughter told me: Respect respected, respect the meaning.

Well, Wang Mang didn't want to wait for the translation, but can't wait to let people around the world know her respect for Liu Shiwen.

At that time, my feelings were that Mang, not only the ball has progress, but also improves the emperor. How good this sentence is said!

However, I still heard the criticism.


"Still Sun Yingsha! Know that let Liu Shiwen, as a silly!"

In this way, it doesn't just appear in the microcontrol or graphic I have released, and there are also articles on the other authors of the headline.

Imagine the human mind of "hypocrisy", obviously they must not look down on Liu Shiwen.

Because when several years ago, Wang Mangyu did not have a similar thing when winning Ding Ning, but the level of 4-0 Ding Ning. Since Wang Mang, the heart, I can't see Ding Ning, I will deserve Liu Shiwen? I think this in my heart, but I said that I can't speak, I naturally "hypocritical".

Said Wang Mangyu "silly" people, obviously think that Sun Yusha has played a fake ball, the WTT is nothing more than a commercial game, which is a national "Spring Festival Annual Meeting", which will give you some Spring Festival benefits. Smart as Sun Yousha, put Liu Shiwen with a little sister's gesture, too much. And Wang Mang, no matter this set, it's really fighting.

Is it really? People who understand the little ball can see that Liu Shiwen is indeed rising, this time is superficial in Macau. Sun Yusha was obviously suppressed by the rhythm of Liu Shiwen.

Whether it is eventually lost, there will always be questioned and criticized.

Wang Mun, who is low, has a batch of people, and the emotional business is also batch. This is simplicity.

Urgent. Doing a table tennis star in China, really need to be a kind of psychological preparation: I want to think more when I publicly speech.

And in any case, there will be questioned and criticism.

Urgent. Table table tennis in China, not only to train, make a good game, but also learn to win, when can you win.

Just like Chen Meng, the Olympic Games won the championship "Shengli stunned", "said" My era is finally arrived! "

Then the criticism of the mountain calls. Even, the last Liu Guoliang had to hosted, let Chen Meng admit mistakes and changed.

Now I am scared that Chen Meng didn't dare to talk again.

Fortunately, most fans are still understanding and tolerance.

"The athletes are not easy, they must really care about them, care for them!"

It is a word that these kind and beautiful fans often say.

Only in this case, I really warmed our country tennis athletes so they no longer be troubled by online public opinion.