Guo Allen is absent!Liaoning men's basketball team sent Ningbo 9 games, Zhao Jiwei 25 + 9, paying 4 points

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Guo Allen is absent!Liaoning men's basketball team sent Ningbo 9 games, Zhao Jiwei 25 + 9, paying 4 points

2022-01-25 00:03:08 44 ℃

On January 24th, the 27th round of the CBA regular season, the Liaoning men's basketball team 118-102 defeated Ningbo, ushered in 2 consecutive victories, CBA New Jun Ningbo men's basketball team eat 9 games. Guo Allen is absent. Zhao Jiwei, the first half, cuts 20 points, the Liao Show is ahead of Ningbo 7 points, the opponent three-pointer super god. In the second half, we will expand its advantage under the leadership of Fugou and others, and successfully won the victory.

Data statistics:

Liaoning: Li Xiaoxu 10 points 11 board, Zhao Jiwei 25 points 1 board 9 help, Junting Chen 3 points 2 board, Ferg 10 points 5 help 2 broken, Fuhao 24 points 3 help 3 broken, Yu Zechen 18 points, Morad 7 points 8 Board 3 break;

Ningbo: Stiimak 23 points 10 board 4 help, Zhang Wei 8 points, Zhao Junfeng 17 points 5 boards 4 help, Maze came 6 points 6 help, Wang Xiangbin 6 points, Trotte 18 points 6 board, Ning Hongyu 8 points 6 plates;

Focus lens:

The backfront of the Liao Show steals, Zhao Jiwei counterattack, he didn't see people, and he was able to help the sea.

Zhao Jiwei took the ball very wonderful, Yu Zechen thought God, single arm buckle;

Competition review:

In the first quarter, Fergroad counterattacks a dragon point, Stiimak two penalty, Juming Chen, bursting the technical foul, Zhang Wei executed a punishment. Zhang Wei jumped into, Maze came to eat illegal, Ferg and party Ruibo two penalty. Moran was on the basket, Stiimac hooked his hand, Zhao Jiwei and Steimak were cut off. Liu Zhixuan's hit three-point ball, Zhao Jiwei two punishment, Morand Middle Road, Stepmark Jumper Score. Zhao Jiwei two fines after the whole middle of the year, Yu Zechen single arm buckle, Zhao Junfeng and Zhao Jiwei hit three points. Fuhao empty basket, Wang Xiangbin, brought 2 + 1, Morade two penalties, Trotte jumped. Confucius is 2 + 1, Zhang Yan jumps, Yu Zechen's outside line, Trotte and Yu Zechen's outside, the first battle, Liaoning 36-28 leading Ningbo.

In the second festival, Li Xiaoxu made a basket, Ma Ze came to hit the three-point ball, Li Xiaoxu got on the back basket. Zhang Wei is 2 + 1, Trotte three-pointers and Ning Hongyu free throws narrowing the gap, Trio breaks on the ball, Ferg is 3 + 1, and the Liaberdress is stabilized. Fuhao counterattack the dunks, Zhao Junfeng and Maize came three points, Ningbo 50-49. Yu Zechen is investing in, Stepmark has split, Fuhao hook hand, Steve, Stiimak, and Zhao Jiwei shocked. Zhao Junfeng has a 6 point and performs excellent performance. Fuhao jumper and entered, Wang Xiangbin scored, Zhao Jiwei entered, but unfortunately add penalty. Zhao Jiwei went back in the basket, Zhao Jiwei and Zhao Junfeng hit three points, paying more throwing, the end of the first half, Liaoning 69-62 temporarily lead Ningbo.

In the third quarter, the mild early 24 seconds paste three points, Ning Hongyu is also in color, Trotte, and pays a hand of the basket, Trotte counterattacks a dragon board. Fuhao returned the basket, Li Xiaoxu hits three points, Stiimac connects 4 points. Fergi vacancies three-point ball, pay the prostitute score, Xu Yuyu two penalties, Fuhao hook hand and jumper score. Zhao Junfeng hits three points, Zhao Jiwei layup and three-pointers have been 5 points, Yu Zechen and Stiimak two punishments, Yu Zechen's hits three points, three battles, Liaoning 97-78 lead Ningbo.

In the fourth quarter, Yu Zechen made 2 + 1, Morade Hat Wang Xiang Bin, Morade Dunfare, and the advantage of the Liam. Ning Hongyu three punishment, Stiimak jumper score, Ma Zhuang dunks, Xu Yuzhen three-pointer. Afterwards, Liaoning remained leading and successfully won the victory.

Two teams starting lineup:

Liaoning: Zhu Rongzhen, Li Xiaoxu, Zhao Jiwei, Junting Chen, Ferg;

Ningbo: Stiimak, Zhang Wei, Zhao Junfeng, Mazela, Party Ruibo