Welcome Dongbo, enjoy the passion of ice and snow!Quancheng's first ice and snow carnival meeting was successfully held

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Welcome Dongbo, enjoy the passion of ice and snow!Quancheng's first ice and snow carnival meeting was successfully held

2022-01-25 06:02:55 49 ℃

On January 22, Quancheng's first ice and snow carnival meeting was held in Jinan Snow Snow Ski Resort. This event was hosted by the Jinan Municipal Sports Bureau, from Shandong Green Orange Sports Industry Co., Ltd. The event is held, aims to actively carry out the people's ice and snow and fitness activities that are easy to participate in and easy to participate, let the people of the city sharing the passion, joy and well-being of ice and snow, set off a new climax of the city's winter national fitness activities.

Although the cold winter, it is difficult to cover the superflowed movement of the Ocean in the scene, and the players are full of interest in this Ice Snowport, all waiting for the big exhibition, leaving a handsome homage that belongs to the silver world in the silver-wrapped ice world. Silhouette. Games held a competitive project and fun competition project in the morning, in the afternoon, the award ceremony and closing ceremony. The competitive project has adult men's double board big turn, adult women double-board big turn, adult men's single board big turn, adult women single board big turn, fun game items have children with children double-board ski, snow tug, snow duck step. In order to encourage more participants to show self, experience sports fun, fun games for entertainment projects, have not considered the principle of registration fee.

On the competition, the players gallop the snow field, not afraid of cold, you chase me, the atmosphere is warm, and the wonderful scene speed and passion, the movement of the movement is ignited in the cold winter. The funny laughter, the participants are immersed in the joy of snow games and friendship, and fully experience the fun of ice and snow.

Asked the contest, the player said: "Compared with the past, the overall level of this competition has improved. Now, skiing is not only the project of everyone in winter, but also a popular option for cultivating special hobbies. Snow held this time The sports will meet the health needs of the public, and can call for more people to join the winter national fitness team, improve the citizens' winter strong body awareness. "In recent years, the Jinan Municipal Sports Bureau attaches great importance to the development of ice and snow, innovation The ice and snow event is organized, constantly meets the winter diversified fitness needs, and constantly writing the ice and snow of health Jinan, actively responding to the important instructions of important instructions, and promotes "300 million people to participate in the ice and snow sports", and welcome the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, The event will boost new developments in Jinan Ice Snow.