crazy!Alphabet brother buckle the Green Army, hitting Feismart, almost injured+showing its dominance

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crazy!Alphabet brother buckle the Green Army, hitting Feismart, almost injured+showing its dominance

2022-05-14 12:11:57 9 ℃

On May 14th, the NBA playoffs continued. In the second round of the east, Bucks returned to home to face the Celtics. The previous battle of Tianwang Mountain captured the North Bank Garden and occupied the initiative to advance. As long as you win, you can go to the Eastern Finals of the Heat. In this game, Bucks's core letter brother has shown a super fighting spirit and full impact since the beginning. He scored 17 points in the first quarter. At the end, the Celtics were temporarily 10 points.

Back at home, when he won, he could be promoted. The alphabet brother burst out strongly, and he buckled G-Williams in the game. This is the ball after Matthew's breakthrough. G-Williams encountered the letter brother who followed up in the basket. As a result, the Greek beast directly completed the barrier and ignited the passion of the home fans.

The letter brother was almost injured in the game. Following the previous accident, he was injured by his teammate Connoton, leading to the blood stadium. When the letters of today's game were grabbing the ball, the face directly hit Jaylen Brown's ass and then fell to the ground. The letter brother is very fighting, and every goal will fight. Fortunately, his body is strong enough, and soon he stood up and continued to fight.

The impact of the letter brother is indeed too strong. In the face of this campaign, Smart, who is also well played, the breakthrough of the letters directly brought down the best defensive player this season, Smart fell to the ground. The physical fitness of the letters is still the top league, and he shows super dominance.

The letters have always been the best, stable and most fighting players on the field. Whether it is an opponent or a knock on Smart, or desperately rescue the ball desperately, even the risk of injury. Such a letter brother can well drive the team and play a good role in demonstration.

The Bucks were behind in this game. The opponent Celtics hit 11 three -pointers in the first half. It can be said that the hand feels hot, which is also an important reason for the Bucks behind. I also look forward to the next performance of the two teams and strive to give fans a more exciting performance.