The Nets 85 million renewal of the Irving Plan of the Nets 2 years in 2 years of the Irving Plan Cai Chongxin's additional four constraints: please go if you don't sign

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The Nets 85 million renewal of the Irving Plan of the Nets 2 years in 2 years of the Irving Plan Cai Chongxin's additional four constraints: please go if you don't sign

2022-05-14 18:09:22 5 ℃

"New York Post" reporter Ian O'Conner's latest report, the management of the Nets team plans to provide Owen with a 1+1 renewal contract, the second year of the contract, and the new contract needs to be written in the new contract. Four incentive clauses of full salary. At present, Irving has not expressed their views on this. The negotiations between the two parties are just beginning. It is certain that if Owen is unwilling to accept the terms of renewal contracts proposed by the Nets, the Nets may only be signed first by signing first first. The trading later made him away.

This off-season period, the most important job of the general manager of the Nets team, Sean Max is to solve the problem of Irving. From the aspects of Owen's age, technical characteristics, and the relationship with Kevin Durant, the Nets are still willing to give him a contract contract. From the signing of Owen and the Nets for the past three years, Irving's contract must specially agree on multiple terms, including getting all salary incentive clauses.

Irving played for the Nets for three seasons for three seasons, only 103 games, and a total of 133 games were absent. After the season, Owen positively show his statement, hoping to stay in the Nets and Durant as teammates. Irving plans to refuse to implement the 2022-23 season of the $ 36.9 million contract player option, and then complete a 5-year renewal contract with the Nets with the Nets. Irving's idea is beautiful, but his three seasons' actions in the Nets have made the boss Cai Chongxin and the team management chief.

Owen basketball technology is first -class, you must put a tight curse for him.

The owner of the Nets, Cai Chongxin, put forward the conditions for the renewal of Irving. It must ensure the attendance rate of each season, and it is necessary to write it into the contract. The general manager of the Nets, Sean Max, also handle the renewal of Irving in accordance with Cai Chongxin's request. "We will soon discuss the future with Irving, renewing or other methods to solve the problem. The problem of attendance rate must be solved, not only Irving, but also players such as Ben Simmons." Sean Max said, "We use it to use it with This method end the season, which is disappointing and frustrated. It is time to reflect on the entire basketball operation department. "

Ian Oknor confirmed in the report that the net team owner Cai Chongxin and General Manager Sean Max gave an basic principle on Owen's contract. Do not consider the top salary of $ 250 million in 5 years. "The Nets are only willing to provide 1+1 contract for Owen, about $ 85 million in 2 years, and the second year contract team option." Ian Overnon revealed that "the Nets team per summer performance according to the Owen season performance Decide whether to renew the contract. If Irving cannot accept the various incentive clauses in the contract, there is only one choice of the Nets.

In response to Owen's three seasons of attendance, the Nets have at least 4 incentive clauses to ensure that Irving can ensure that they can play. This includes:

1. The Owen season is less than 30 games and can only get 15%of the salary.

2. Owen season at least 60 games in order to get 85%of the salary.

3. The Owen season has played at least 65 games in order to get 95%of the salary.

4. Owen has at least 72 games to get 100%salary agreed in the contract.

The Nets give such a contract contract and set up the seemingly harsh incentive clauses are also restricted methods forced by Irving. Irving only played 20 games in the first season of the Nets, only 29 games this season, and last season 54 games. No matter how good Irving technology is, you are always absent from the game. It is a big trouble for the team. It not only affects the team's overallness and chemical reaction of tactical play, but also affects the unity and stability of the locker room.