Liaoning basket 1 night 3 fierce materials!The old general joined Tongxi!Moland Cheng Cheng Cheng Hongren Guo Ailun opened up his territory

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Liaoning basket 1 night 3 fierce materials!The old general joined Tongxi!Moland Cheng Cheng Cheng Hongren Guo Ailun opened up his territory

2022-05-14 18:09:15 5 ℃

On May 13th, Beijing time, although the Liaoning basketball team was still on vacation, there were many rumors about them, but this was the normal state of the offseason. Not only Liaoning Basketball, almost every furniture department will face the adjustment of the coaching team or team lineup. It is normal for entering and leaving, and the renewal of the players who expires in the contract, etc. It is time to be busy with the management. The author also sorted out three heavy materials related to the Liaoning basketball team to share with everyone: the old will join Tongxi! Moland became a celebrity! Guo Ailun open up the country!

The first is the news about the Liaoning Basketball General to join the Tongxi team of Nanjing!

According to sources, the Liao Basketball Basketball Basketball, a Liaoning Basketball Club, who joined the Russian Kazan Basketball Club this season, will return to the CBA next season, but in his personal state, Liaoning can not sign him again.

So which team of the Mei Olympic Games is effective?

He will definitely join the weak team in the middle and lower reaches. His role at best is to help a team to improve the results. It is best to enter the playoffs. No matter how high he is required to reach.

The second is the news that Molande becomes a red man in Houston!

After the Liaoning Basketball Great Foreign Aid, Morand helped Liaoning Basketball to win the championship, and became the first person in the history of CBA and the first in the history of NBA history to win the NBA championship and the CBA championship. Mabu or Wims couldn't compare him.

Morand is not only popular with Liaoning basketball fans, but also on vacation in Houston's hometown in the United States. He is also loved by local fans.

Recently, Molander went to a local dental clinic for a clinic. He recognized the doctor at the clinic and took a paragraph video on the Internet. Rand, NBA and CBA's dual championship, the first American in the history of NBA. "

Without blowing or black, Morand's excellent performance in the playoffs is one of the important guarantees for Liaoning baskets to win a nine -game winning streak.

The third is the news about Guo Ailun's opening up!

After the season, Guo Ailun returned to his hometown in Shenyang to rest for almost ten days. He started to work again. Because he carried multiple brands endorsement contracts, the merchant needed him to go out to increase the exposure. Recently, Allen has been working in the Guangdong area in the Hongyuan team of Guangdong. A few days ago, he went to the League's training hall for a while. It is a practice, but it ’s called“ worship of the dock ”with the rivers and lakes. Everyone understands the truth of Qianglong who does not overwhelm the snake, and Allen is no exception.

After Allen went to the garage of the elder brother UFC, no one would say three or four on the ground in the Hongyuan team of Guangdong. At present, Allen is still staying in Guangdong, and is loved by local fans. Everywhere he goes, there are fans. It is no different from his influence in the Northeast. This is the charm of the superstar. There is no reason not to like him, there is no reason not to support him!