Promote the Western Conference Finals!Warriors at home 4-2 to eliminate Grizzlies, Clay 30+8, Curry 29+7+5

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Promote the Western Conference Finals!Warriors at home 4-2 to eliminate Grizzlies, Clay 30+8, Curry 29+7+5

2022-05-14 18:07:52 11 ℃

On May 14th, the second round of the NBA playoffs in the West, Warriors VS Grizzlies G6, and finally the Warriors defeated the Grizzlies 110-96 at home. The winner between the sun. Monte continued to be absent from this game, and the two sides played very fiercely. The two teams fought at the end of the last quarter. In the end, the Warriors won under the leadership of Curry and Cle.

Data statistics:

Grizzlies: Brooks 30 points 4 boards and 3 breaks, Jackson 12 points 4 boards, Adams 4 points, 10 boards and 3 assists, Bain 25 points 7 boards, Jones 6 points 7 boards 8 assists, Clark 8 points;

Warriors: Virgins 18 points and 10 boards, Dream Chase Green 14 points 16 boards and 8 assistance, Lunei 4 points 22 boards and 5 assists, Clai 30 points 8 boards, Curry 29 points and 7 boards and 5 assists, Pur 12 points;

Focus lens:

Dillon Brooks pushed down the library and had a first-level malicious foul.

Complex review:

In the first quarter, Bain jumped his first goal and then scored a layup. Curry hit a three-pointer, the dream chasing Green counterattacked, Clai scored outside, the Dream Green scored one dragon, and the Warriors returned a wave of 10-0; Brooks made a three-point hit. In the penalty, Adams made a layup. Clay and Brooks scored three -pointers in a row. Brooks hit a jumper, Pur three -pointed goal to stop bleeding, Vekins counterattacked. One of Virgins was punished, Williams broke the ball's counterattack, Curry and Bain were bombarded, Damien Li San scored the ball, Claid hit a jumper, Melton whistle three points succeeded In the first quarter, the Grizzlies 26-30 Warriors.

In the second quarter, Poole's outer rays, Jackson scored a hook, Clay hit three -pointers in a row, Clark's two free throws, Jackson and Melton chased points in a row, and Clark's buckle stopped the warrior. Curry hit a three -pointer after she hit, and Pur scored 2+1. Brooks was going again. Jones hit the three -pointer after hitting a three -pointer. Jackson succeeded, and then he made two free throws, Bain made two free throws, and the Grizzlies led 7 points. Dreaming Green has a layup to stop bleeding. Brooks' first -level maliciousness, Curry's two free throws, chasing Dream Green's two free throws, Curry counterattacked. Curry's two free throws, ending in the first half, the Grizzlies 51-53 Warriors.

In the third quarter, Brooks flew up, Adams made two penalties, Virkins made up the basket, and Bain made two free throws. In the outside of Clay, Brooks also made three points in color, Jackson and Clai hit three -pointers, Luminis buckled, Bain hit the outside of the line, the Dreams chasing Green scored scores, and Clai and Bain lowered their hands. Jackson scored a hook, Virgins hit a three -pointer, and the Pell lever scored. Clark's two free throws, Bain made a breakthrough, and then he hit a three -pointer. Curry tossed to stop bleeding, Melton made a layup, and in three quarters, the Grizzlies 77-78 Warriors.

In the fourth quarter, Virgins hit a three -pointer, Bain scored empty, Brooks hit a jumper, and Virgins made a basket. Brooks flew to make a layup, Poole's two free throws, Brooks bombarded the outside line, chasing Dream Green's jumper score. Vekins scored 5 points in a row, and Curry hit the out-of-the-line of the Warriors at 8-0. Dreaming Green's counterattack and splitting, Curry and Claid hit three-pointers in a row, the Warriors maintained a lead, successfully eliminated the Grizzlies with 4-2, and advanced to the Western finals.

The starting lineup of the two teams:

Grizzlies: Dillon Brooks, Jackson, Adams, Bain, Jones;

Warriors: Curry, Clai, Vekins, Dream Chase Green, Lunei;