Ronaldo, Baggio, and Vieri, I all want, "Daddy" Moratti?

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Ronaldo, Baggio, and Vieri, I all want, "Daddy" Moratti?

2022-05-14 18:09:39 6 ℃

In my serialization? Pirlo? Really? Mention of the former Chairman of the Serie A Inter Milan Club Massimorati, his love for Inter Milan could not measure money, because his investment in Inter will not reward, at all costs.

The twentieth century? In the 1950s, the Moratti family had already? With the Inter Milan Club, So Mosmoratt's father? When Angelo Moranti served as the chairman of the club, he and the meritoror coach Ereira created the "great international era" in the 1960s (three Serie A champions, two Champions League? Champions? Two times, two times Intercontinental Cup champion).

In 1968, because of personal? For physical reasons, Morati endured the pain? Sell? The family precept club fully expands: "The Moratti family should not show up again."

but? Holshemers? Moratti? The rich second generation born in the Italian oil family in 1945 was extremely enthusiastic and obsessed with football. In March 1964, Inter, on behalf of the Champions League for the first time, he entered the semi -finals in the competition.

The 18 -year -old Morati rode through the city of Milan and appeared on the court on time. He and countless blue and black fans have witnessed Inter's historic Mercy Champions League finals and created the glory of the "Great International Times". It was also from that day that he could not extricate himself from the love of Inter Milan

In February 1995, this is a year that all Inter will remember. "Daddy" Moradi bought 70%of Ohmi's shares in the hands of the former club Pellegrini, officially becoming the big boss of Inter Milan. Moratti did not have a bargain at that time. It is said that at the time? The acquisition fee of up to 70 billion lira is equivalent to $ 45 million.

Nearly 30 years after leaving Inter, the Moratti family returned again. The first thing he did on the first day when he became the chairman of Inter Milan was to move his father's previous chair to Inter Milan, the President's Office of Durini Street. He was sitting on a chair he had once sat in his father, solemnly swearing: "I will speak in the name of fans. I belong to the international Milan fan. Let us rebuild a new international era."

Maybe at that time? Who. besides? Unexpectedly, Morati, this "Daddy", almost spent everything on Inter Milan for this sentence, took over? From the first day of Milan, Moratti began his journey of burning money. Is this a realistic version without files to see football managers? game?


In 19995, he sold the club's shares he held to Indonesia's businessman Toshill in 2013. Over the past 18 years, Moradi has invested 1.25 billion euros for the Blue and Black Legion according to incomplete statistics. Although Moratti is a rich second generation, he is not the first heir of the family. When the "father" is the widest, he is personal? It is also only 2 billion euros. For a person who can take out half of his net worth dedicated to Inter, what are the reasons for us to laugh, abuse, or even slander him.

There are a thousand Hamlet in the hearts of a thousand people. Even if he invests at such a price, many people still regard him as "unjust" and "silly local tyrant". For so many years, he has been used to silently to endure pain, and no one can appreciate his lonely heart.

The idealist in his elder brother Jenmarco Moratti is generous and kind, and in private, he likes art and fashion in private. And in the business field, it is more like a wayward child. In the eighteen years of Inter Milan, he signed many superstars for the team with his checkbook again and again.

Carlos, Sidov?, Pirlo, Baggio, Ronaldo?, Viery? Stars? Stars? Although Inter Milan was once known as the "black hole" of the star and the "cemetery" of coaches. However, Huang Tian lived up to his careless people. Moratti still created his "Great International Age" that belonged to him by his persistence and his love for the club.

2010.5.23 "Daddy?" Moratti witnessed the team's 2: 0 defeating Bayern Munich on the top of Europe on the Spanish Bernabeu Stadium, winning the Champions League championship for forty -five years.

At that moment, Moratti, 65, smiled and felt as if he was ten years younger. At the same time, Inter Milan won the Serie A championship and the Italian Cup champion in the Serie A field at that time.

Those successful days seemed to be like a cloud of smoke and a few years after the three crowns? The funds are getting stretched, really shy?. He could not accept the Blue and Black Legion he loved to become a second -class team. After all, "Daddy "'s doting of the team finally came to an end.

On November 15, 2013, he officially transferred his beloved Inter Milan to Indonesian tycoon Top Hill, ending his 18 -year Mirati era. The 68 -year -old Morati re -found a gold master who could help the team to create the future for his beloved team.

Simple love is to love you -Inter Milan

There is no regret for life.

Draw within a day, blue and black for life!