Just one night!Lakers trading James, Green ligament tears, 76ers official Xuelfus Harden reserved team

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Just one night!Lakers trading James, Green ligament tears, 76ers official Xuelfus Harden reserved team

2022-05-14 18:08:14 7 ℃

Following the general manager of the Nets, Max said that the team hopes to leave more selfless players, and Owen's renewal of the contract will be covered with a shadow. This is not over yet. According to ESPN, due to the uncertainty of Irving in the future of the NBA, Nike will terminate the sneaker contract with Irving after the end of the next season. From the darling of well -known brands to the abandonment of people and gods, Irving also used a season. Watching Owen's illness but saying that he was not sick all day long, Ziyu thought that Irving's sneakers were even more appropriate, so don't don't have any partiality. After buying, for the healthy development of young people, choosing more feet off the ground, the virus is naturally closed, and the smart IQ is easy to occupy the highland.

76 people in Philadelphia held a season summary today. The official officially determined that Danny Green encountered a torn of cross-knee front cross ligament. Even if such injuries were recovered, the impact on the ballless running and defense end was huge. The age of Clai Thompson, who was also a ballless pitcher, returned after his injury, Danny Green's NBA career can basically be announced. However, Danny Green came to the scene of the summary meeting with a cane, and believed that he had no injuries and would drag the Heat into the seven major battles with the team. The 10 million annual salary of Danny Green is a non-guaranteed contract next season. If the 76ers fail to cut it before July 222, US time, the contract will be converted to a full guarantee.

At the summary meeting, the President of Philadelphia also determined two things at the summary meeting: First of all, Rivers will continue to be the 76ers coach. , But it will not give the top salary. However, in Ziyu's view, Harden will choose to perform his contract after the last year's contract. After all, Harden is a big problem to get a 20 million US $ 20 million annual salary contract with the current decline. Furthermore, when Embiid was eliminated by the Heat, when he was interviewed by the media, he was quite disgusted with Harden. He repeatedly praised the performance of the Heat and his ex-teammate Jimmy Butler. It can even be traded by yourself. The implication is that if the team does not strengthen, it is not impossible to choose to leave. Maxis has a dispute with Harden in a bench. Make Harden's prospects in 76 people is not optimistic.

Harden has always emphasized that his leg muscles have not been completely recovered in an interview. Careful fans remember that when Harden repeatedly pulled his hoe before the playoffs, when the media bombarded it, haha Deng also came up with this reason for this reason, and at the time, he stated that his legs were completely good. Now I use this as an excuse. It seems that Harden's leg tendon is Xue Dingzheng's leg tendon. When he performs well, he is healthy.

Although Simmons, which was traded to the Nets this season, was traded to the Nets, was troubled by back injuries, the speed of hand was not slow at all. 76 people have suffered a lot of tweets. Regarding this transaction, it may now seem to be a double losing situation. The 76ers have scratched two than Xie words. There is still a lottery that is said to win the award. Look at it.

The Lakers who originally set Rivers as the new coach's target. After Rivers was determined to stay in office, they had to find someone else. The Warriors Assistant Coach Atkinson and Jazz coach Stanard were the most likely candidates for the Lakers management. About Zen Master Phil Jackson suggested that the Lakers boss James Bas traded James to leave the Wizi and complete the reconstruction one year later. Most of the Lakers fans agreed. The disabled lineup is also difficult to escape the fate of the first round of the playoffs. Instead of the record, it is better to use James's surplus value to replace the expiration contract and a first round of signing. When Wei Shao's last year's contract expires, it can release huge salary space. Four first rounds, can be used by the transaction or it can be used by itself.