44+20, tiring than Durant!If Mi Shen doesn't come back, the letters will be out of the situation

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44+20, tiring than Durant!If Mi Shen doesn't come back, the letters will be out of the situation

2022-05-15 00:06:14 9 ℃

The big score is 3: 2 lead, and the defending champion Bucks saw the opportunity to win the series! In the 6th game, the Bucks will be held at the home of the Bucks, and they get the match point again. This is the best opportunity for the Bucks to end the series.

The Bucks want to end the series, but the Green Army was forced to the edge of the cliff! There is no home advantage, and it is a fixed defeat. The pressure on the Green Army can be imagined in this field. They can only do their best in this field. Otherwise, it is out of the situation.

The victory and defeat of the game are very important, and the two teams dare not relax! Brown scored 3 points, the letters of letters shocked the inside line, Smart and Tatum were 3 points in a row, and the letters of the letters scored the top 8 points to help the Bucks bite the score! During the same, the letters and Hollydi fired on the outside, and the team scored 8: 0 to overtake the score! The helpless green army also felt hot. Smart and Tatum took 3 points 3 points. The Green Army recaptured 2 points at the end of the first quarter.

Tatum made a layup, Doro, but the green army's 3 -point firepower was still there. Tatum and Brown were 3 points, and a wave of 2 digits was opened at 10: 2! Holesti stopped bleeding at 3 points, and the letters of the letter scored 2+0, but Tatum and White could always give a response. The two teams fought around 10 points.

Easy side fought again, Holes scored 2 points, but the Green Army blossomed more, and played a 7: 2 offensive, which widen the advantage to 15 points! Seeing that the situation was increasingly not good, letters and Matthews continued to impact the inside line. Portis scored 3 points, and the Bucks sent a wave of 7: 0! However, the Green Army is also tough. Smart and Tatum's outer rays responded one after another. The three -section of the Green Army still remained at 12 points.

The point difference of 12 points, the situation of the Bucks is not good, fortunately, the team did not choose to give up! The letter brother scored 2+1, and then scored 3 points with Connoteton. He led the team to score a wave of 11: 1 offensive waves, chased the difference to only 4 points, and saw the opportunity to reverse! At the critical moment, Tatum stood out. First, the high difficulty whistle succeeded, and then the outer rays were unplugged for 3 points. The Green Army soon reappeared the advantage to 2 digits! The letter brother continued to kill, but Tatum could still send 2+1. The Bucks had gone to the Green Army 95: 108 and lost the 6th battle.

Wonderful, the sixth battle of the Green Army and Bucks, both played the peak level! The Green Army scored 17 points in the field, and the outer firepower was full, especially Tatum, who scored 46 points and 9 rebounds, completely crazy, and returned the Bucks' counterattack.

The Bucks lost, but the team's core letter brother also tried his best. In the face of the Green Army, the letter brother took the explosion data of 44+20 in this field, showing that it was better than Tatum. Unfortunately, the Bucks lacked a powerful assistant. Hollydi scored only 17 points, or 7 of 17, which made the alphabet brother bears too much pressure. Tired, after all, the Nets also have the help of Owen, Brown and others, but the alphabet brother can only rely on himself in the field, but he has no choice but to lose the game.

The Bucks lost the 6th battle, which made her situation critical. If Mi Shen grabbed 7, it would not come back, and the letters are likely to be eliminated.

Compared with the Green Army, Bucks have a little advantage, but unfortunately, due to Midelton's absence, the Bucks offensive firepower is insufficient. In this 6th game, it is particularly obvious, and it also makes the series dragging into the 7! If Midelton was still unable to come back in the 7th battle, even if the alphabet brother played an amazing performance, it would be difficult to get victory, and it was possible to come out.