Former boxing king in Two: Avarez, Joshua became difficult brothers, but they could revenge their opponents

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Former boxing king in Two: Avarez, Joshua became difficult brothers, but they could revenge their opponents

2022-05-15 00:06:24 3 ℃

The first two levels of boxing Boxing Ricon released a column in the British "Metro" and talked about Mexican famous Kanelo Avarez. Last week, the professional boxing scene witnessed a huge impact, that is, the Dimitri Bolwall, who was not optimistic, ended Avarez's undefeated record for 9 years. Essence

In the confrontation, Berwall's defense is quite good. He has a set of judgment distance, and rarely makes mistakes, and tactical use is also very organized. Avarez is a strong boxer with a strong comprehensive strength. Unfortunately, that night he couldn't find his goal and was easily controlled by his opponent. Birwall's left -handed punches played an important role in the game. Although Avarez was filled with bow string, he helplessly ended up. Some people sneered at him, but it was too good and strong than Vol.

"In this game, Avarez put down his feet more, and he adopted a straight strategy, which was a bit the same as last year against Billy Sanders, Cailen Pulatte, but this but this, however Once Avarez was lost, because he had no plan, he wanted to win with a single fist attack, and was trapped by Wall's stabbing fist. "

Haron continued: "The boxer upgrade the challenge, the strength is indeed related to the size of the physique. This gap will also affect speed and physical fitness. We need to let Avarez take a break. He dares to realize his dream and dare to become great. Boxer, but we must praise Birwall, his performance is too good. "

Careful boxing fans will find a problem. Today, the two most popular boxers in the professional boxing world are now in the trough of the career. In addition to Avarez, the other is Anthony Josusa. He last year In September, he lost to Orek Sande Usik, and he was discussing the second war, and Avarez also intends to implement a second battle with Birwall.

For the current situation of Avarez and Joshua, Haron published a comment. He believes that Avarez should learn from Joshua. The two wars were predicted.

"Avarez lost to Bolwall was not controversial, but Avarez was not completely suppressed and he was not severely damaged. I think he would make the right decision in the remarks. This reminds me of Joshua. In the confrontation with Usik, he lost, but he was not severely damaged. People felt that if Joshua used a new strategy in the second battle, he would achieve greater success. Now, Joshua and Avarez have become a pair of difficult brothers, but neither of them evaded. They showed the huge ambitions of revenge opponents. I dare to be sure, as long as Joshua and Avarez were in the second battle of the Second Battle, Do something different, they will definitely succeed. "

Many people think that, since Avarez's rising to 175 pounds is overwhelming, it is recommended that he still leave his level. Even if he fights with Biwols, you must strive to be at 168 pounds, or you should not easily upgrade to a higher level easily. It's right. However, Hardon had his own view on this issue. He said: "Avarez has cleaned 168 pounds, there is no more challenge there, once it reaches the top of the mountain like him, it doesn't make sense to go back. Avarez is the fighter I believe, he will do it again. "

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