Formally determined!Four Chinese players participated in the NBA Draft, the Nets and Rockets scrambled to fight for Zhang Zhenlin

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Formally determined!Four Chinese players participated in the NBA Draft, the Nets and Rockets scrambled to fight for Zhang Zhenlin

2022-05-15 00:06:13 8 ℃

This year's offseason, no matter whether it is a men's or women's basketball, many players choose to go to the United States, which is good news for Chinese basketball! According to official media, four players have determined to participate in the NBA draft conference, Zhang Zhenlin of the Liaoning team, Zeng Fanbo of Beijing Shougang, Guo Haowen of Shanghai team, and Yu Jiahao of the Zhejiang team. So, what is their draft market?

The 19 -year -old Yu Jiahao, the first season averaged 12.2 points, 8.7 rebounds and 1.6 blocks, and got the best rookie in the CBA. Yu Jiahao is currently the first -grade inside line in CBA, but his movement speed is too slow, and his body confrontation does not meet the NBA requirements. Yu Jiahao went to the United States this time, just trying it. The important thing was special training. He did not intend to be selected by the NBA team. The Zhejiang team announced that Yu Jiahao would return to China in July.

Guo Haowen wanted to participate in the NBA draft last year. This year finally went. Guo Haowen scored 14.5 points in the conventional arena, but the post -season stadium averaged 9.2 points, the shooting rate of shooting was only 39%, and the three -point hit rate was only 14.3%. The free throw rate is only 63%. Although Guo Haowen is very impactful and fast, the projection is too poor. In the CBA, there is no advantage in the NBA.

Zeng Fanbo has not yet played in the CBA. In the past, he has played for the NBA Development League G League in the past. If you have been paying attention to Zeng Fanbo, you will find that his biggest problem is that it is too easy to be injured. He has been injured many times throughout the season. Both played 21 minutes and scored 5.8 points and 2.8 rebounds. Zeng Fanbo has entered the joint trial training. The most ideal situation is to be selected in the second round.

At present, Zhang Zhenlin is the most sought -after. Zhang Zhenlin only played in the CBA for two seasons, and became the main force of the Liaoning team. This year's season can score 14.8 points. The second scorers help the team to win the championship. Although the ball is very ordinary, Zhang Zhenlin has a precise three -pointer and the defense is also very good. Typical 3D players, NBA prefers this type of player. It is understood that the Rockets and the Nets will compete for Zhang Zhenlin.

Yu Jiahao and Guo Haowen are not likely to be selected. Zeng Fanbo and Zhang Zhenlin are still possible. If they are not selected, they still have the opportunity to play the NBA Summer League and the NBA Development Alliance, which are very high.